Scarlet Andrews – “My Hubby Gets Off On Watching Me Fuck Young Guys”

“My Hubby Acquires Off On Watching Me Fuck Youthful Guys”

Scarlet Andrews is a 65-year-old Southern belle who doesn’t let her conservative upbringing avoid her from appreciating her retirement. In fact, this babe is been savouring the golden days for 12 years already thank’s to her loving spouse. They live in a nudist resort and practice the swinging lifestyle. Her swinging pal and boy-friend adult model Tracy Licks introduced her to us. Have enjoyment! We sure did.

40SOMETHING: Do you wear panties?
SCARLET: Sometimes. It depends on where we’re going, y’know.

40SOMETHING: Okay. Give us the no-panties places.
SCARLET: Where we live, obviously. We live in a great nudist resort in Tampa. I do not wear them when we go to the swinger married couples strip clubs. Grocery shopping, I love to wear belts. I don’t wear any when we go out to restaurants. My boyfriend usually sits next to me and that lady-killer runs his hands up my haunches to my slit.

40SOMETHING: Where are you from?
SCARLET: I was born in Birmingham, Alabama. I went to high school and then became a flight attendant with American Airlines so I could leave.

40SOMETHING: Did u ever screw any passengers?
SCARLET: Certainly! Each flight attendant has a story about when that babe was flying and there was this peculiar passenger that gave u the look and the whole thing was insane.

40SOMETHING: Have you had sex in the toilet of airplanes?
SCARLET: I have had sex on the top floor of the 747 in the lounge!

40SOMETHING: Wow! You have got to tell us how it happened.
SCARLET: Well, the gentleman came on, y’know, very valuable looking and was flirting with me and wanted to know if I would take him upstairs to the lounge. I said, “Of course, sir.” So I took him up there. We were touching and feeling and had our hands in every other’s sexy clothing. There was the unzipping of pants and he lifted up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and drilled me right there in the back of the lounge.

40SOMETHING: Other passengers were probably buzzing the call buttons like barmy and you are up there rogering! Did you watch this guy after the flight?
SCARLET: Truly, I saw him about 2 months later. This chab was on the same flight. That time we decided to be a little more discreet and go to the shitter to bonk.

40SOMETHING: Do you think you have more sex stories or fewer sex stories than the run of the mill flight attendant?
SCARLET: Probably more. I guess becoming a flight attendant released me into this whopping, wide world. Anything was open to me for the 1st time. And remember, this was the time that flight attendants wore suits, skirts, tights, makeup, and u got weighed in. Back when u had to be hot to be a flight attendant. Which I was!

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