Pink Fox

Pink Fox

Pink Fox

It is always a enjoyment to see Dolly Fox again. Dolly lately said us that that babe is a large fan of the spaghetti westerns of the ’60s and ’70s such as the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood films. This is the 1st time a SCORE covergirl has ever told that. Dolly even took a new journey to Mini-Hollywood in Tabernas, Spain, one of the semi-desert movie scene locations where many westerns were filmed and is now a tourist attraction. Dolly would make a hawt western-style saloon beauty.

Speaking of hooter-holsters…

SCORELAND: Dolly, what do u look for in a undergarment? Comfort? Ease of purchase?

Dolly: The merely thing I seek in a below garment is to identify my size, all the rest I look after. It is very rock hard to detect my size and if I watch the style, then I will adore something I watch but then they do not have my size! I must look all over to find those or buy online. But mostly I do not even wear a brassiere. In this photo-shoot and the movie scene, I wear a matching bra, garter and knicker set.

Dolly’s sent pictures of herself in magazine stores holding up an issue of SCORE. We always look forward to seeing them.

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