Gabriella Sky – She makes us Sky high

That babe makes us Sky high

She makes us Sky high

40SOMETHING: I need to be very careful about the way I speak today coz you’re a speech pathologist. What exactly does a speech pathologist do?
GABRIELLA: What I do is work with cognition, swallowing disorders and any kind of neurological disorders that may lead to communication problems and cognition problems.
40SOMETHING: I’m sorry Gabriella, but I am in a porn studio and I’ve an idiot’s mind. I got stuck when u said swallowing disorders.
GABRIELLA: That is one of my favorites, also!
40SOMETHING: Gabriella, do you gulp?
GABRIELLA: Very well.
40SOMETHING: Married?
GABRIELLA: I’m not married. I am divorced.
40SOMETHING: You’re a divorcee on the prowl.
GABRIELLA: Yep, I’m. U could say I am a cougar.
40SOMETHING: Do u love younger chaps?
GABRIELLA: Yes, absolutely.
40SOMETHING: Preference: 20-year-old or 40-year-old?
GABRIELLA: Definitely a 20-year-old.
40SOMETHING: What if I take it down to 18?
GABRIELLA: Then we’re poking it. [Laughs]
40SOMETHING: So, you crave to have sex with twins?
GABRIELLA: Yep! [Laughs] That is my dream! That’s been my fantasy my entire life. I suppose it has smth to do with that Double Spearmint gum commercial from eons agone. I saw twins on there and smth must’ve clicked. That is my topmost dream, to have sex with twins.
40SOMETHING: What is it about that?
GABRIELLA: Double the pleasure. I have no idea. I could not tell you. I’ll know if it ever happens.
40SOMETHING: Identical twins?
GABRIELLA: Yes, they definitely get to be identical twins.
40SOMETHING: Has that fantasy ever come close to happening?
GABRIELLA: At not time! I would have told, “Hey, let us go!”
40SOMETHING: So let us say we were to give u twins. What would u do with ’em?
GABRIELLA: My imagination would go wild. I’d have one in one hand, one in the other. Have ’em in my mouth from both sides. I’d love to do it all.
40SOMETHING: The lights have to be on, certainly.
GABRIELLA: Oh, absolutely. I’m exceedingly visual. I wish to see everything. No lights off. No such thing. That’s a part of the passion. That’s part of the intensity. I’m sure at some point it will come along. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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