Cheyanne – Swinging Cheyanne swings our way

Swinging Cheyanne swings our way

Swinging Cheyanne swings our way

Previous to that babe came to our studio and fucked for, Cheyanne had not at any time gotten exposed in front of a camera. Yep, she is a swinger who shags other studs in front of her boyfriend, and posing for us was the next step in her erotic adventure.

Cheyanne, Fifty three, is one tight GILF. She’s 5’4″, 115 lbs. and measures 36-24-35. We interviewed her right after she discharged her very first hardcore scene. It was likewise the first time any charmer ever came on her face. She enjoyed those first-time experiences. How much? Read on to investigate…

CHEYANNE: Yesterday, I had fantastic sex with a hawt, juvenile stud for a video.

40SOMETHING: How many years younger was he?

CHEYANNE: Twenty-two years.

40SOMETHING: That’s the first time you ever had sex in a pro-studio, right?

CHEYANNE: Yeah it was.

40SOMETHING: Were you nervous in advance of that?

CHEYANNE: The boy coached me through it, the acting on-camera part moreover. But then came the fun part; I gotta tutor him on sex!

40SOMETHING: Favourable smooth operator! So after all that screwing, where’d he cum on u?

CHEYANNE: On my face.

40SOMETHING: I am suspecting that in real life, chaps don’t cum on a woman’s face a lot. When was the last time a boy came on your face?

CHEYANNE: I don’t even know one ever has, truly.

40SOMETHING: Where do they usually cum?

CHEYANNE: Inside me, on my stomach, back or arse.

40SOMETHING: Did you like your first facial? A little smutty, isn’t it?

CHEYANNE: Yes, I did. And I licked the end of his knob, spooned the cum off with my finger and ate it.

40SOMETHING: So you’re a swinger?

CHEYANNE: My boyfriend and I’ve only been swinging for a year, but I’ve indeed enjoyed it. My partner travels a lot. One day that guy told, “You need something to fill your time.” So we got into swinging, alone and with couples.

40SOMETHING: Ok, so usually when a spouse says to his wife, “You need something to fill your time,” this charmer might offer a hobby. Sewing, running. This chab recommends banging other men?

CHEYANNE: That Lothario loves it. I make clips at home for him. This chab even detected me a boyfriend. We met this boy and it became a steady thing. When my partner was traveling, the gentleman would come to the house. We would record ourselves screwing so my spouse would need to view them later.

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