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Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright

05/14/2019 8:43

Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright
Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright @
Nia Nacci and Whitney Wright like every other…a lot. Just see them! Heavily making out…taking off every others’ sexy clothing…sucking clits and assholes!! Rob Piper is watching them, too. This chab is taking in the display — appreciating it — and getting willing to step in…when this chab feels the time is right. The time is right when his XXXL-sized rod is palpitating, so why not ram it into into Whitney’s barmy face hole? She’s been patiently expecting love a good beauty, as has Nia; one as well as the other can not expect to experience such a big jock in their throat. Or their holes, which is where our Lady-killer is about to put it. Nia and Whitney take turns getting their lovely cunts rammed, and Whitney’s so horny, she’ll up the ante, so to speak, and put that large rod right up her a-hole. The solely thing more valuable? Watching Whitney engulf the sperm from Nia’s creamy cream-pie…so much man-juice, too! Savour my brothas!!
Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright Nia Nacci And Whitney Wright
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As real as it gets

05/11/2019 12:42

As real as it gets

As real as it gets

When this scene opens, very blonde wife Victoria Lobov, 47, is wearing red lipstick and hot red lingerie that her bigger in size than typical, fake bra-busters are pouring out of. Tyler can not keep his hands off of her, and we can not blame him. Her lace brassiere is very sexy. Her bazookas are astonishing. Tyler motorboats himself. He’s a tit charmer, and Victoria is just his kind of woman.

Victoria is obviously enjoying herself, too. This babe loves how much attention Tyler is paying to her milk shakes and grinds her wet crack into his crotch. She can feel him getting harder and harder. This babe craves his shlong, so this babe takes off his trousers and swallows his ramrod.

Then they fuck, and one of the highlights is when Tyler is rogering Mrs. Lobov in the missionary position and they kiss. It’s a real kiss, a ardent kiss, and it tells us this isn’t just porn rogering we’re watching. It’s real rogering betwixt 2 people who are indeed into every other. You can tell from Victoria’s little girly moans and the way that babe looks up at him, the way her rock hard areolas point to the ceiling. There’s completely something voyeuristic about this scene.

40SOMETHING: Where is the maddest place you have ever had sex?
Victoria: In the crap-house of an airplane. It was a commercial flight. We were gonna Europe. It was a lengthy flight. I was with my hubby, and it was getting boring, so you gulp, then u drink a little more and you touch every other and receive all horny. And you have a lot of time, so this guy needed to go to the washroom coz this woman chaser could not sit there with a bulge in his pants, and then I thought, “Why not pursue him?” So I just did that. I knocked. Nobody saw me, and there were 2 of us inside, and it was constricted.

40SOMETHING: Did the flight attendants watch you go in there?
Victoria: No. It was a long flight. Nobody saw us. Well, maybe somebody saw, but nobody interrupted us.

40SOMETHING: Was this all-the-way sex?
Victoria: It was sex! All the way!

40SOMETHING: What were u wearing?
Victoria: I was wearing a costume. A mini-dress. It was facile access! We just stood there and we did it. It was the most-fun I’ve ever had. It was forbidden. It was smth you are not supposed to do. It was just exciting. Afterwards, I thought we could’ve been caught, but it was worth it.

40SOMETHING: Did the possibility that you might have been caught make it more gripping?
Victoria: Oh, yeah, definitely.

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Veronika sucks and fucks her son’s best friend

05/10/2019 12:57

Veronika sucks and shags her son’s most killer friend

Veronika sucks and shags her son's best friend

When 55-year-old Veronika Vixon walks into her son’s bedroom, that babe sees his majority valuable friend sleeping in sofa. But what really catches her eye is his dong. Talk about morning wood! The boy is tenting, and Veronika can’t resist. Curious about the actual size of that cock, that babe gently lifts the blanket off his cock and begins engulfing it.

“Mrs. Vixon, what are you doing?” this man says, awakening up startled. Wouldn’t u be startled if you woke and detected your superlatively valuable friend’s Mother mouthing your pecker?

“You get to just relax, ok?” Veronika says. “My husband is not home and I haven’t been banged in months, so just let me suck on this 10-Pounder and I am intend to shag you hard.”

This chap protests, type of. After all, how stiff can a man protest when a hot MILF is engulfing his penis?

Fact of life, gentlemen: It doesn’t matter how greater than run of the mill and meaty you’re. When your meat-thermometer is in a woman’s mouth, this babe has all the power.

Veronika sucks his meat-thermometer long and deep and copulates him hard. Then Johnny cums in her face hole and all over her pointer sisters. He’s 22 years mature, by the way. Almost juvenile enough to be her grandson, let alone her kid’s superlatively priceless ally.

“I have done some wild things,” Veronika said. “The most-fun job I ever had was working at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada. The gals who worked there were so entertaining and, certainly, the customers even more so. It was thoroughly exhausting but definitely the most-interesting and joy job I’ve ever had.”

Until now, certainly. But this isn’t a job for Veronika. She’s just doing what comes naturally: rogering her son’s supreme ally.

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Veronika and her son’s best friend

05/9/2019 12:59

Veronika and her son’s superlatively good friend

Veronika and her son's superlatively admirable friend

Today, Veronika Vixon is going to suck and screw her son’s foremost friend.

She’s gonna walk into her son’s room and see his almost all priceless buddy fast asleep, his dong tenting the blanket. That babe is plan to get very intrigued. Very curious. She cant make no doubt of his weenie can be so big. How has little Johnny grown up to be such a greater than standard guy? And how could she not have noticed how much he has grown?

So Veronika lifts the blanket, but that babe doesn’t just wanna see what’s going on beneath there. That babe urges to smack it. To engulf it. So she does, and when Johnny, who’s solely 22 years mature, wakes up, his dick is in Mrs. Vixon’s throat.

At this point, that charmer doesn’t know what to do, so Veronika tells him: Just fib back and have fun. Which is very fine advice ‘cuz Veronika is a very sexy female and, furthermore, how often do you acquire a oral sex from your foremost friend’s hot Mommy?

Oh, right…she’s gonna give him her love tunnel, too. And then she’s gonna let him glaze her face. Coz, hey, they’ve known every other for a long-time but not at all adore this.

Veronika is 55 years old. That babe was born in Santa Monica, California and lives in St. George, Utah. Yep, the people in St. George–Mormon country–would probably be shocked by what she is doing here. But they’re not plan to identify out, are they?

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Yes, there is an encore for Victoria Lobov!

05/8/2019 13:09

Yep, there is an encore for Victoria Lobov!

Yes, there's an encore for Victoria Lobov!

The 1st time 47-year-old wife Victoria Lobov visited our satellite studio in Miami, Florida, we did not think this babe was intend to fuck at all. We thought this Russian looker with greater than standard, fake bra buddies and a small waist was going to jack off and tit-fuck a penis. Engulf it? No. Copulate it with her snatch? Definitely no.

But then something happened. When the larger than run of the mill day arrived, Victoria decided to go all the way. This babe sucked and rogered JMac’s big meat-thermometer and took his cum all over her bosoms.

We were very pleasantly surprised. So was JMac. Victoria…let’s just say this babe had a very worthwhile time. But was this a one-time thing? Would Victoria go home and regret what this babe had done? And remember: She had told her partner this babe was plan to Miami to tit-fuck a porn Lothario, not give up her mouth and fur pie for all the world to see. Would this dude be enraged?

No. This ladies man wouldn’t. As for Victoria having regrets, well, let us just say that babe was very potty to come back and shag 2 more of our fellows. Her scene with one of ’em is now live at SCORELAND. And now there’s this one, with Tyler Iron. We think it’s her hottest yet. There’s real chemistry betwixt the two. You can tell Victoria and Tyler are truly into each other, and the scene is less like porn and more adore watching 2 people rogering in real life.

Victoria talked about what this babe enjoys most during sex.

“I like it when my guy is forceful but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load unfathomable inside me. The feeling of such a forceful spunk fountain makes me screech and cum. I am passive, so I love when a lady-killer takes the lead and makes my head spin.”

Tyler makes Victoria’s head spin, but he doesn’t cum in her vagina. This chab cums on her face and it leaks down to her larger than standard tits. Very precious.

What will Victoria do next? We can not await to detect out.

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An evening in with Veronika Vixon

05/8/2019 12:40

An evening in with Veronika Vixon

An evening in with Veronika Vixon

Veronika Vixon, who’s 55 years old and lives in Utah, is wearing a short, darksome costume with ultra-high stilettos.

“I think I urge to change plans for tonight,” that babe tells us. “How about staying in for the night? I know I’m all clothed up and we’re all ready to go, but maybe we can have more pleasure if we just stay in, if you know what I mean?”

We know what you mean, Veronika.

“Any interest in staying in for the night?” this babe says as she drops her top a little and exposes off her large milk shakes. “I promise I’ll give u what u wish. U will not be disappointed.”

We’ve no doubt about that, especially when we detect that Veronika is wearing crotchless panties.

And u know what it means when a female is wearing crotchless knickers. It means this babe desires to make access to her wet crack as simple as possible.

But even these panties come off at around the halfway mark and we acquire a completely unobstructed view of Veronika’s luscious, pink cum-hole. That babe fingers it unfathomable and rock hard. After the scene, this babe told us this babe came three times, but we would’ve guessed she came a lot more than that.

Warning to those who live in a place with thin walls: Keep the volume down! Veronika acquires very loud when she cums.

We asked Veronika if she usually wears briefs, and she told, “Well, that all depends on the occasion. I’m bewitched with my a-hole and feel that panties are a big part of dressing it up. I’ve been an aficionado of very eccentric and fashionable panties. I designed many of my own panties using crystals and pearls. I adore bare modeling panties. My very favourite thongs are guy shorts with garters. Certain outfits donot allow u to wear panties, however, I typically wear lace lad shorts. Sometimes boy shorts with crystal or pearled garters.”

Sounds over extravagant to use. Crotchless will do just wonderful.

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Pink, wet and deep

05/7/2019 12:45

Pink, juicy and unfathomable

Pink, succulent and deep

Veronika Vixon, who’s 55 and lives in Utah, describes her consummate day:

“I would adore to have coffee on a terrace overlooking the ocean or the bay, then go to the spa to get a unfathomable tissue rubdown. I’ll sip on a cucumber lime water while enjoying a tomato, cheese avocado, sprouts sandwich and listening to velvety, relaxing music.”

And her flawless evening: “Spend it with a scarcely any priceless friends, starting out by sipping on a glass of Apothic Crush wine. Working up an appetite for a mouth-watering mixed baby greens salad and a delightsome bowl of creamy soup. We would end the evening with a gentle stroll beneath the ambient light of the full moon. My unsurpassable evening would end with me and my friend sitting by the fire discussing our next rendezvous.”

And screwing? How about fucking?

“That goes without saying,” that babe said.

But we wanted to hear her say it in any case.

This is the second time we’re devoting a full week to Veronika. That babe merits it. Here’s the plan: solo photos this day, solo clip the next day (in which Veronika receives her fingers deep inside her very soaked, very pink wet crack and cums hard), hardcore pics Wednesday, hardcore episode Thursday.

Veronika’s plan to shag a 22-year-old. How about that!

Veronika used to work at a legal badhouse in Nevada. That babe is been a bank teller and a mortgage loan officer. She is been an executive office administrator. And this babe recently designed a home that this babe is having athletic in Arizona. She’s a goddess of many talents. What you are about to watch is one of ’em.

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Watch Sandy’s big boobs hang and sway

05/5/2019 13:24

Look at Sandy’s bigger than typical bouncy bosoms hang and sway

Watch Sandy's bigger than standard mambos hang and sway

In her first clip for, 46-year-old wife and Mother Sandy, aka Sandy Bigboobs, brandishes off her hot body. She is wearing the kind of outfit you might await a hot, old lady to be wearing: a cleavage-revealing top and shorts that are just the right length to show off her legs, short but not also short. Not sleazy, in other words. She’s wearing heels, too. Her bra buddies are pouring with out her red brassiere, and before lengthy, that bra comes off.

One of the highlights of this scene is when Sandy, who has E-cup naturals, lets her boobs hang and sway, and the camera, moving in for a close-up observe, catches it in slo-motion. This kind of ram is a real treat for you boob lovers out there, and the slo-mo action lasts lengthy sufficient for you to receive hard, enjoy and acquire off.

Then Sandy deep-fingers her snatch, her hand slapping against her flesh, and u can hear how juicy she’s. You too must see how pink that babe is. Sandy opens up her cunt wonderful and wide.

After that babe cums, Sandy puts on a SCORE t-shirt and acquires interviewed by her videographer. She tells us she’s a cam glamour model back home in Germany.

“And I’ve big, natural pantoons,” she says. “I’m very proud to be here.”

We’re proud to have her.

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Big-boobed Sandy fucks a 28-year-old

05/3/2019 22:37

Big-boobed Sandy screws a 28-year-old

Big-boobed Sandy fucks a 28-year-old

When this movie spreads, 46-year-old Sandy is lying in bed and talking on the phone with her spouse. That babe is wearing hot, red lingerie that shows off her large mangos and stockings. Tons of cleavage. That babe is ready for him, but the idiot is about to frustrate her. This chab tells her he’ll be home late.

“You promised to be here tonight,” that babe says, but there is no convincing the jerk. “You know what? Stay at your work. Bye!”

Okay, so there’s Sandy, all ready for act, and she lets her partner off the hook that easily?

Well, the girl has a backup plan. That babe calls a local bonk buddy.

“Hi, Nick, it is me,” that babe says. “You know what? I am alone, and I need u now. Be here in 10 minutes. I am contemplating for u. The door is open!”

How could any dude turn down an invitation like that, especially a 28-year-old who knows precious fur pie when this chab sees it?

And wonderful whoppers, also. Sandy has E-cup naturals.

Sandy sucks his meat-thermometer and balls. When this babe screws, her greater than average tits bounce love crazy. That babe rides his shlong and cums unbending. Then he moves from her muff to her mouth, fucking it hard and cumming inflexible, all over face. His man juice oozes down to her hooters, which is where we think his cock juice belonged in the 1st place, no detours.

By the way, Sandy had never had sex with a woman chaser so much younger than her. We’re cheerful we made her dream come true.

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