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Hot wife Taylor returns for some BBC

01/30/2019 23:48

Hawt wife Taylor returns for some BBC

Hot wife Taylor returns for some BBC

Back so in a short time? You’re damn right! When a woman receives the kind of reception Taylor did when she initially appeared at earlier this month, we do not let any moss grow underneath our feet.

So here’s Taylor, a 45-year-old wife, Mom and swinger from St. Louis, Missouri, back to suck and fuck some more porn weenie. And this time, it is the bigger than average, black wang of Sevyan Harden. That stud bonks her HORNY HOUSEWIFE face hole and cum-hole each which way previous to decorating her glamorous face with a monumental glazing of cum.

Taylor describes herself as a “hot wife.” And what’s a sexy wife, u ask?

“She’s a wife that has quite a high libido and is accustomed, with her husband’s agreement, to explore fantasies with him or on her own,” Taylor told. “That’s what we do, and it makes both of us very lustful. If I am intend to meet a fellow, that skirt chaser acquires so horny, that fellow has to beat off four times previous to I leave, and the deal is when I receive home, there is a reconnection, I think. It is how we come back jointly as a couple. I come back home and we have sex, and it works.”

So, we’re guessing that Taylor went back to St. Louis after this discharge ended and had tons of sex with her partner.

Actually, it is not a guess. It is a fact.

“I’m very proud of my age and how I keep my body in shape. I am having a great time.”

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A fox named Foxy

01/26/2019 14:05

A fox named Foxy

A fox named Foxy

This is Foxy, a 43-year-old divorcee and Mom from Moscow, Russian Federation, and the truth is, we do not know a lot about her. U see, that babe wasn’t discharged by one of our in-house photographers. This babe was discharged by a freelancer who thought we might enjoy seeing her. This lady-killer was right. But that fellow too did not tell us everything about her other than the basic stuff on her model release.

We do know what we see: Foxy is very nice-looking. This babe wears her blond hair in pigtails, and she has lengthy legs and a good gazoo. In those pictures and the movie, she obviously enjoys showing off her legs and booty.

That babe too has a shaggy pussy, which that babe fingers and plays with and toys with what looks like the slit version of a anal intercourse. Early in the movie, that babe pulls up her knickers between her pink flaps, and her bush overflows. Very priceless.

We know she was born on February 6, 1975, so she’ll be turning 44 very soon. We also know that babe did not go all the way, but who knows? Maybe one day, that photographer will contact us anew and say, “Hey, guess what? Foxy banged!” But until that day happens–if it ever happens–we’ll have pleasure what we’re seeing here: Foxy, a very foxy woman from Russian Federation.

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Sex school is in session!

01/25/2019 13:47

Sex school is in session!

Sex school is in session!

When this scene opens, 53-year-old Justine, aka Badd Gramma, is sat in couch, wearing a short skirt, a button-down top and glasses.

“Are you willing for your sex lesson today?” she asks. “I’m gonna display u exactly how to satisfy Badd Gramma. I crave to flaunt you exactly what turns me on so u can do it right next time. I’m intend to flaunt you how to satisfy a real woman, not some little beauty.”

We’re all ears and eyes, Justine!

This babe unbuttons her top and plays with her teats.

“School is in session,” this divorcee, Mother and grandmother says. “You can begin with these: mouthing my large, rock hard nipps. Fill your mouth up with these.”

But she’s all alone. Where’s the boy? Doesn’t this babe have to give us a hands-on demonstration? Isn’t showing always more nice than telling when you wish someone to learn something?

Damn right! So her charmer exposes up, and it might as well be u cuz this is a P.O.V. sex lesson in which Justine strokes your dick, sucks your jock and then sits on your wang, and finest of all, this babe keeps her glasses on the whole time.

“We’re just intend to keep practicing until u acquire it right,” Justine says as her unshaved pussy bounces up and down on your bigger in size than standard, rock hard schlong. And when you’re finished fucking her, when you can’t hold back any longer, u cum all over her gorgeous face.

“That’s how you do it with Badd Gramma.”

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How Swede she is!

01/25/2019 0:13

How Swede she’s!

How Swede she's!

“I love to be dominated in bed, but then I adore to turn the tables and totally dominate my woman chaser once in a whilst,” told Anika Anderssen, a 40-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE from Sweden who now lives in the United States.

When this scene spreads, golden-haired, huge titted Anika is wearing a underneath garment, nylons and a garter thong. No panties. We can see her twat. As for her bra, it’s not doing its job. Her erect nipps are shoving str8 out. Anika is dressed for wild, wicked sex, but for now, this babe doesn’t have anyone to play with, so this babe lies down and plays with herself. We get great views of her ultra-pink, juicy cookie.

But then big-dicked JMac shows up with his ding-dong tenting his shorts. That babe acquires rid of his shorts and sucks his meat-thermometer. That ladies man deep-fingers her twat then fucks her so inflexible, the couch bangs against the wall. This chab fingers her chocolate hole while fucking her from behind and sprays his load all over her nice-looking face and greater than typical, tan-lined scones.

Anika can’t live out of dudes who are “strong but compassionate.” That babe is into cuties. This babe says that babe wears a brassiere “only when the shirt I’m wearing allows for it. Majority shirts I wear, you can not wear a undergarment.”

Get the picture?

This babe has sex four or five times a week. This babe can also be watched fucking at SCORELAND.

“Confidence is hot,” Anika said.

Anika is very hawt.

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From computer geek to XXX granny

01/23/2019 14:23

From PC geek to XXX granny

From computer geek to XXX granny

“I was a reporter for the Stockton Record. I ran my own dunky monthly and went into advertising. The last good job I had was selling yellow pages ads. I wound up getting into the PC industry,” 53-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother Justine, aka Badd Gramma, told of her road to porn.

“I was really a geek for a number of years, and after the recession, I grew overtired of silicon valley and, as u know, it is kind of a brotopia. So I became a headmistress. I started shooting my own content for my web resource, and here I’m. Yeah, those Google geeks are some of my preeminent customers!”

Here, Justine is geeked out in glasses that make her look even sexier than ordinary, if that’s possible. This babe sucks Donnie’s larger than standard knob, takes it deep inside her bushy twat then spreads her mouth for his load. She is no cum dodger. She swallows every drop!

“My personal life is pretty ordinary, actually,” that babe said. “I write poetry, which maybe isn’t normal, and I’m too a Mamma and a grandmother. I do quite a bit of babysitting for my grandchildren. One of my kids is plan to a university to acquire a chemical engineering degree, so that is one of the reasons I do what I do, so I can have the supplementary time and the resources necessary to support my family.

“I love to go out and sing karaoke. I adore to go on the water. Boating, sailing, swimming. That sort of thing. I am a monumental X-Games fan and I love the Winter Olympics. I’ve joy exotic dancing, worthy dining, arts and culture. All kinds. One night it is the ballet or symphony, the next a Marilyn Manson concert, so I’m into plenty of different kinds of music. I like reading a nice memoir. Someday, I’ll write my own. Right now, I am living the fantasy. I still have a lot of my book to live.”

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Anika Anderssen meets JMac

01/23/2019 13:54

Anika Anderssen meets JMac

Anika Anderssen meets JMac

“I am usually passive,” said Anika Anderssen, a sexy, fetching, monster boobed blonde who was born in Stockholm, Sweden and now lives in the United States. “I got into hardcore coz the men in it are very dominating, have big schlongs and can shag for a ages. I like getting oral, and if I can have sex four or five times a week, I am cheerful. If I cant, then I’ll masturbate with one of my marital-devices each day.”

Anika was Fourty years aged when these images were taken. That babe told us her wildest raunchy encounter was “giving a hubby a oral sex in the front seat of a car while waiting to cross the border from Mexico to the United States.” She enjoys playing racquetball and running. This babe is a divorcee who says a smooth operator can receive her attention by “being beefy and fascinating but especially humorous.”

“It’s very important to me to keep my body in the sexiest shape I can,” she told. “I adore to suit super-sexy in public places. That female in a short, tight, denim petticoat and gogo dancer shoes at Costco or Target? That is me! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and because of the weather, I can dress adore that year-round.”

Before this babe decided to try episodes, websites and magazines, Anika was a real-life Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK. She is a divorcee and Mommy who does the kinds of things almost any divorcees and mammas don’t do. Adore giving blow jobs in a car whilst contemplating in line at the border. And fucking on-camera.

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JMac and Tyler fuck Lilly James’ ass

01/19/2019 0:05

JMac and Tyler shag Lilly James’ gazoo

JMac and Tyler copulate Lilly James' ass

“I’m so wanton,” wife and Mama Lilly James says at the commence of this movie. “I’m Fourty six years aged, and I am getting ready to shag two young fellows. And I’ve a little surprise for them: They’re gonna must copulate me in the ass!”

Captivating, slender ‘n’ stacked Lilly is wearing a tight, hot blue costume that unveils off lots of cleavage. When the boyz arrive,they go right for her love melons, and she goes right for their cocks. She gives them lengthy, deep, loving blow jobs. We can hear how luscious her throat is, and she makes these great suction noises that let you know when a woman is giving a serious oral sex. This babe goes from one smooth operator to the other, jacking off one while sucking off the other.

Then one lad copulates her while this babe sucks off the other. And then comes the ass-fucking, including in the piledriver position. We can see her vagina gaping. Finally, for worthwhile reason, the boys cant hold back any longer and cum in her face hole and all over her charming face. As Lilly rubs the cum into her skin, the look on her face tells us how much that babe enjoyed her first on-camera anal and trio.

Lilly said us, “If I am out at night, I love to dress very hot by showing some cleavage. Other times, I dress conservative.”

She’s a clinical medical laboratory scientist. She used to be a respiratory therapist. She makes us breathe heavy! She enjoys dinner dates and told, “I have been told I’m a MILF.” Damn right!

Lilly was born in Michigan. That babe now lives with her loving, generous hubby in Houston, Texas. Generous ‘cuz this Lothario is cheerful to share his wife with us and a lot of other boys.

Lilly’s carnal dream is “to have as many men at one time as possible.”

The sky’s the limitation!

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Luna, Mia and the 25-year-old

01/18/2019 0:03

Luna, Mia and the 25-year-old

Luna, Mia and the 25-year-old

In Part 3 of Granny Fuck Lap dancing club, Luna Azul, 67, and Mia Magnusson, 61, are having a serious makeout session on a couch, giving a kiss passionately and feeling up each other’s bodies.

“We have to try something different today,” Luna says. “We need to identify ourselves a precious, subrigid meat-thermometer.”

“That sounds adore a great idea,” Mia says, “but where are we gonna identify one?”

They look outside and see a young Lothario standing on the sidewalk, talking on his cell phone.

“Perfect,” Luna says.

They go over to the window. Tall, long-legged Mia, who initially debuted at this past September and is the newbie in the Granny Copulate Lap dancing club, is wearing short, hawt underware. Luna, a stacked brunette who has screwed plenty of our dudes, is wearing red knickers and a bra that her whoppers are pouring without.

“Oh, I know that one. This buck is a ally of my granddaughter’s,” Luna says. “He would be flawless.”

“He would be very flawless,” Mia says.

The stud, a 25-year-old named Oliver, knocks on the door, and Mia and Luna answer. The boy, seeing two sexy GILFs wearing next to nothing, is a little nervous. He tells them he’s looking for Luna’s granddaughter.

“Aren’t u Oliver?” Luna says. “She’s not here right now, but why don’t u come in and expect for her?”

This lady-killer comes inside. Luna and Mia sit on either side of him. And away they go! Oliver is nervous, but those 2 accomplished hotty’s know how to make him loosen up. They suck his penis and balls, one on the shaft, the other on the sack, then take turns getting rogered. Whilst one female is getting banged, she is eating and fingering the other’s cookie. Finally, Oliver cant hold back any longer and blows his load all over their old, wrinkled faces.

Luna, who’s a swinger, is not coyness about going after what that babe craves. We asked her what she does when she sees a boy she can’t live without, and that babe said, “I walk over to him and ask if we have ever met before.” Either way, that always acquires things going.

As for Mia, who lives in Las Vegas, that babe is a divorcee, Mommy and grandmother from Australia who has been a pro dancer all her life. She’d by no means done anything love this in advance of this babe came to our studio. This babe hasn’t watched her 1st shag scene–“I do not observe myself,” she said–but said doing that scene has changed her.

“I am more confident, enthusiastic and sexy,” she told.

More hawt? We didn’t think that was possible.

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Taking turns on Lilly James’ ass

01/15/2019 23:53

Taking turns on Lilly James’ gazoo

Taking turns on Lilly James' ass

Lilly James, a 46-year-old wife and Mamma from Houston, Texas who says that babe is very quiet, coyness and conservative, is a female we can’t get sufficient of. Now she’s back for her third-ever screw scene, and it is a great one: a three-way with JMac and Tyler in which she takes their bigger than standard weenies up her taut gazoo.

“I like anal,” Lilly told us. “My boyfriend and I’ve been working on that for a little during the time that, and finally I have gotten to relish it. We’d been trying to find a way to acquire me more relaxed. I found that I was better when I would had a little bit to drink, but finally I figured out how to chill out and have fun it.”

Here, she is alcohol-free and enjoying it a lot. This babe sucks the guys’ knobs and balls. They shag her beautiful face and teabag her. Then they take turns rogering her mouth and muff. And finally, Lilly acquires her gazoo rogered on-camera for the 1st time, including in the piledriver position. We wager her husband not at all fucked her butt in that position! When the studs can’t hold back any longer, they glaze her face with cum.

By the way, this is definitely not the 1st time Lilly has had a three-way with 2 bucks. That babe said us about the time she did two boys in a bar, and not a swinging married couples bar.

“It was a darksome bar, and I was rogering a 27-year-old and sucking one more guy’s penis at the same time,” Lilly said. “My spouse and I were at the bar, and then we went upstairs. I brought a 27-year-old who we had met not long before that with me. And I was fucking the 27-year-old, and another petticoat chaser was just watching, so my spouse said to him, ‘Come over here.’ So this chab whipped his schlong out and I started sucking it during the time that I was banging the 27-year-old.”

Meanwhile, “about 10 or 15 people were watching.”

Lilly likes the idea of being observed during the time that having sex. That babe acquires off on the fact that thousands and thousands of boyz are intend to be watching her scenes and jacking off to her.

“Definitely,” that babe said.

So make her cheerful, gentlemen.

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