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Lilly Fucks Her Son’s Big-dicked Friend

12/29/2018 0:24

Lilly Screws Her Son’s Big-dicked Ally

Lilly Copulates Her Son's Big-dicked Friend

When this scene opens, 46-year-old Lilly James thinks that babe is alone in her abode, but then she hears the shower running. Lilly, who’s wearing a short, hawt, revealing costume, looks throughout the wet crack in the bathroom door and sees her son’s ally, Kyle, showering. She can’t live out of what this babe sees, so she walks in on him.

“Mrs. James, I’m so sorry,” Kyle stammers, trying to cover his package with a towel. “Cory told I could shower here. That ladies man told me nobody would be here.”

“It’s okay, Kyle,” Mrs. James says.

“I’m so constrained.”

“You shouldn’t be,” that babe says, then she looks down at his crotch. “So…you’re really larger than run of the mill. Come with me.”

Mrs. James leads him to her bedroom and assures him that her husband and son won’t be home for hours. That is all the convincing he needs. That babe sucks his pecker, which is very large, then this babe fucks him unyielding. And so goes the second copulate scene by this wife and Mamma from Houston, Texas, who is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

40SOMETHING: Were u aware at the time that there was porn featuring chicks in their 40’s, Fifty’s and 60s?
LILLY: Yep, I knew that was a thing. People have said me there’s porn with people my age, in their Fourty’s, and tons of boys like that. It is a fetish thing. And people have said me I am pretty, so I thought I would try it.

40SOMETHING: Were u surprised when you heard that?
LILLY: Yep, I was surprised. Almost all people think porn is with 20-year-olds.

40SOMETHING: The difference between you now and when you were in your 20’s, sexually, is?
LILLY: I am more carnal in my Fourtys. I’ve no idea what happened. I’ve enjoyment it a lot. I like to have sex a lot.

40SOMETHING: Was u doing this your idea or your husband’s idea?
LILLY: It was my idea. I have been thinking about it. I had my stage name picked out, and this Lothario told, “What do u think about maybe doing it?” And I said, “Yeah, ok. And this is my porn name.” So this chab was like, “Oh, u already decided u wanted to do this.” I said, “Yeah!”

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Shannon’s long-awaited first XXX

12/28/2018 14:06

Shannon’s long-awaited first XXX

Shannon's long-awaited first XXX

You wish you had a masseuse like Shannon Blue, a 53-year-old divorcee from the UK. Shannon is clothed for tips in a low-cut suit that flaunts off her monumental rack. Max, who’s Twenty four years younger than Shannon, is lying on the table, thinking he is intend to acquire an normal massage, but then Shannon leans over and smothers his face with her mounds, then that babe takes out his rod, pours oil on it and gives him the highest hand job he’s ever had.

But Shannon isn’t done with him. No, this isn’t intend to be a quickie cheerful ending. That babe sucks his weenie then offers up her rack for a tit-fuck, then acquires up on the massage table so he can shag her pierced muff. And then, Kyle cums all over her breasts.

It’s an handsome first-time fuck by this British Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK, who made headlines in the UK when this babe used her divorce settlement to super-size her boobies from D-cups to M-cups. When we read about her in the British tabloids, we quickly contacted her. Shannon was crazy and slutty about showing off her attractive body for all the world to see. And then she was very lascivious about rogering on-camera.

“I do not think I’ve any special talents, but who needs talent when u have greater than standard mellons?” Shannon said.

We think Shannon has many talents, and this babe shows them off in this scene.

Shannon buys most of her bras from Ann Summers, the noted British underware and sex-toy company.

“The mountainous cup size I can receive is an H-cup. I adore to wear balconette bras. I adore wearing low-cut tops and dresses that expose off my love muffins. I might as well expose ’em, right?”

Damn right!

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Lilly’s very big day

12/27/2018 13:58

Lilly’s very bigger than typical day

Lilly's very big day

Lilly James is a 46-year-old wife and Mother from Houston, Texas. This babe works as a medical laboratory scientist for a hospital, but she solely recently found her true calling in life: being a porn star.

Lilly describes herself as conservative and says people would be very, very surprised to see her here. This babe lives smth of a double life, and even her closest friends have no idea she’s a swinger.

“One time I was in the back of this dark bar screwing a 27-year-old and engulfing another guy’s weenie at the same time,” that babe said us. “My partner and I were at the bar, then we went upstairs, and I brought the 27-year-old with me. We had just met him not long in advance of that. And there was some other woman chaser up there watching us. So my husband said him to come over and this man whipped his weenie out. So I started sucking it during the time that I was banging the 27-year-old.”

Even though this babe doesn’t regularly costume up hot, Lilly considers herself an exhibitionist. Knowing that lots of lads will be jacking off to her photos and vids is a massive turn-on for her.

Here, Lilly is wearing a sexy red suit. The weenie this babe is mouthing is monumental. She has to stretch her lips around it. It looks astronomical in her throat. But this babe has no a predicament getting her fur pie around it.

By the way, after Lilly’s posting this week, we’ll be seeing her afresh in the coming months…getting ass-fucked by 2 lads.

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Shannon Blue’s first XXX

12/26/2018 14:08

Shannon Blue’s first XXX

Shannon Blue's first XXX

For members, this is likely your first view Shannon Blue, a 53-year-old divorcee from the Britain who made a large splash in the British tabloids when this babe used her divorce settlement to super-size her fun bags from D-cups to M-cups.

But there’s a very admirable chance you’re being joined right now by plenty of SCORELAND breasty paramours who have been awaiting to watch Shannon go hardcore ever since that babe launched about 13 months agone.

“I can not get sufficient of my recent mangos,” said Shannon, who lives in Bulgaria. “They’ve completely transformed my life and they look and feel gracious. Most of my sexy outfit are stretchy, so my mambos are always on-show.”

Shannon likes to unveil off. This babe can’t live without when guys stare at her larger than typical tits. They’re there for the looking. This babe has a pierced snatch that is rogered hard in these pics. Shannon is not a hush-hush person.

“My wildest sexual collision?” Shannon told. “Being banged up against a tree after being fastened to it.”

The thing is, in advance of her transformation, Shannon was not a lap dancer or a nude glamour model. She was never a swinger. She did go to a nudist resort.

“I tried it once in the United Realm,” that babe told. “It was a fine feeling, very liberating.”

Shannon is a Mom and a grandmother.

“I suppose I am a GILF,” that babe told. Damn right!

“I like to start sex. If I need sex, I must have it then and not wait. I love it each day and I’m assured about it. I swallow coz spitting makes a mess. I adore being licked and giving blow jobs and being massaged. I masturbate often and I love to wear Latex.”

Here, Shannon is a masseuse who initiates sex. It’s a very fantastic XXX debut.

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Chery Leigh fucks her son-in-law

12/23/2018 0:03

Chery Leigh copulates her son-in-law

Chery Leigh shags her son-in-law

If you viewed the Granny Bonk Exotic dancing club roundtable discussion, you know that the other five ladies think 60-year-old Chery Leigh has had sex with her son-in-law. Well, it turns out she has!

When this scenes opens, Chery, who turned 60 final June, is wearing a hawt brassiere and thongs. She receives into ottoman and starts banging her cunt with a sextoy, unaware that her 24-year-old son-in-law has just shown up, thinking his wife might be with his mother-in-law. When he looks through the French doors, this chab is shocked to see his mother-in-law stuffing her old cookie with a greater than average toy.

Then Chery sees him. This skirt chaser tries to talk his way out of trouble, but it is too late. Chery’s wet crack is sexually excited and craves the real thing. “You’re my mother-in-law,” that man protests, but Chery doesn’t care. “I can not do this as long as this ring is on my finger,” this lady-killer says, so Chery sucks the ring right off his finger. Then she sucks his ding-dong and copulates him hard. And then this chab cums on his mother-in-law’s charming face.

For those of you who didn’t see Chery when this babe did her 1st shag scenes at, she’s a wife, Mother and grandmother who told, “I’d by no means experienced an agonorgasmos until I met my third boyfriend.” Her 1st 2 husbands did not even eat her cum-hole. Then that babe met her current husband. This fellow loved eating her love tunnel.

“And I was trying to poke him away coz I didn’t know what to expect, and all of a sudden, this buck had me having an bigger in size than run of the mill O within minutes.”

Now she’s a swinger. She’s had sex with chicks. That babe is had sex with bucks she’d just met. She’s been at the center of a team fuck with seven bucks. And she’s a contented member of the Granny Screw Exotic dancing club.

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Lexi Lore

12/22/2018 8:40

Lexi Lore Lexi Lore
Lexi Lore @
Lexi Lore likes being a babysitter. It’s decent money, the job works well with her recent schedule as a freshman at the community high school, but the thing that babe loves almost all about babysitting is sexy dads! Lexi likes today’s daddy, Mr. Piper, so much…well, he is one of her dreams! Lexi loves him so much, there she goes once more…snooping throughout his bedroom after he’s left with one of his buddies to go view sports at one of the local pubs! There’s solely one problem: Mr. Piper forgot his wallet. And he’s about to catch Lexi, red-handed!! Mr. Piper is intend to give bad-babysitter Lexi a good, sound thrashing. Which is about the time Mr. Maxwell walks in to see why his buddy is taking so long to find his wallet! The one and the other men will take turns on Lexi, cumulating in smth she’s by no means, ever felt her complete life — DP! No one in the room can make no doubt of slender Lexi can be double-stuffed adore that!! Then, Mr. Piper fills her sweet little fur pie with his man juice. Mr. Maxwell follows by spraying Lexi’s braces with his load! U know Lexi swallows whatever didn’t land on her face and hair! After it’s all said and done, Lexi loves Mr. Piper and his friend more than ever!
Lexi Lore Lexi Lore
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Jessie’s anal encore

12/21/2018 14:08

Jessie’s anal encore

Jessie's anal encore

Jessie Reines wastes no time letting us know what she’s gonna do in this scene, her second episode copulate at The 49-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother is wearing sheer, sexy, fishnet lingerie and fuck-me pumps. That babe calls over her skirt chaser, and he’s quick to the summons.

“I’ve got this young strapon here,” Jessie tells us, “and I am plan to bonk him. I’m going to have that cock up my butt.”

So, in a nutshell, Jessie’s scene:

1. Oral-stimulation with engulfing balls.
2. Pussy-fucking.
THREE. Arse plug.
4. Lothario cums on her cunt.

Very nice.

“I like husky boys that take charge,” told Jessie, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. “I expect for ’em to make the 1st move.”

That babe likewise has a wide range of preferences in fellows.

“I’ve been with fellows from 18 to 65. The juvenile boys have a lot more energy, but the aged men know what they’re doing. I love to have a mix of both taking turns on me. The youthful boyz make me screech and the maturer ones make me cum.”

Laughable. This youthful boy makes her scream and cum. But maybe that is coz this babe has his dick in her wazoo.

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Christie Stevens

12/21/2018 8:40

Christie Stevens Christie Stevens
Christie Stevens @
How many times have we told u, "be careful of your wife’s personal tutor!"? If you still do not make almost certainly of us, take a look at today’s Cuckold Session! Super-hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE Christie Stevens has dragged Boyfriend to today’s "workout" with her buffed, studly tutor. Why? It’s his birthday! Christie likes Husband, and that babe very much can’t live out of their cuckolding relationship! So why not toss the cuckold a bone? Whilst Husband is trying desperately to squeeze out a half-dozen pushups, Christie’s busy getting very friendly with her smooth operator! In a short time, she’s engulfing him, and yep…today, Husband gets to view! Acquire this — he get’s a day with out his "cage", likewise! This means he’ll pound his dunky 10-Pounder with his fist while Christie is getting pounded by The Tutor! Since Christie’s in a valuable mood, she’ll allow Spouse to make a mess all over himself; however, she’s not walking without the Fitness Centre obscene! This means clean-up on Aisle 32-D for Husband! But let us face it…part of Hubby’s fun in cuckolding is the fun this fellow acquires cleaning up his wife after other guys finish all over her!
Christie Stevens Christie Stevens

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The Granny Fuck Club is in session!

12/20/2018 23:40

The Granny Copulate Lap dancing club is in session!

The Granny Fuck Undress club is in session!

Six gorgeous, sexy, 60Plus GILFs receive together to talk about their super-horny lifestyles, erotic awakenings, wildest adventures and lots more. They’re wearing revealing underware, and they’re totally open about their experiences.

In the front row, sitting in front of the couch: Chery Leigh in blue underware, dark-haired Rita Daniels and tall, long-legged Mia Magnusson in pink.

On the couch: Sally D’Angelo in blue, Cammille Austin in orange and Luna Azul in red.

They’re all over-60. They’re all mommys and grannies. Some of them are married, some of them divorced. You’re going to detect out things about those sweethearts you have at no time known. Among the topics:

– Have they always been this concupiscent?

– The 1st rod they rogered.

– What would a younger version of themselves think of ’em today?

– The youngest boys they’ve been with and what happened.

– DOUBLE PENETRATION and interracial.

– Fucking their kids’ allies and their sons-in-law.

– The astronomical rods they’ve ever banged.

– The things they haven’t done that they wanna do.

– Being viewed while having sex.

– The wildest things they’ve ever done sexually.

Relish this unique around-the-couch discussion. It’s the flawless warmup for the red-hot Granny Shag Exotic dancing club act to come.

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