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Payton Parker’s first time

12/30/2017 23:29

Payton Parker’s 1st time

Payton Parker's 1st time

“Would the people who know me be surprised to see me here? Type of,” told Payton Parker, a 46-year-old divorcee from Washington State. “I’ve been a hawt dancer. I am charming wild.”

Here, this Mamma of 2 adult children (meaning that babe is free to do soever that babe urges) copulates a 29-year-old dude who she met about five minutes in advance of she started engulfing his wang. We’re gonna guess that the people Payton knows would be surprised to see her doing this.

Payton is a fetching lady with a sexy body. She’s 5’4″ and weighs 116 pounds. When we asked what she is never done and wants to do, this babe said, “I’m doing it right now.”

Happy we could fulfill your dream, Payton! You are definitely fulfilling ours.

By the way, Payton identified us on CraigsList, which just goes to expose you that CraigsList is precious for smth anyway buying aged furniture.

Payton is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She can’t live out of when boys cum on her face, which is what the petticoat chaser does in those photos. She’s an exhibitionist. She’s into honey bunnys. And when we asked her if this babe is into arse stab, that babe said, “On days my a-hole says yeah, yes!”

Her ass told yes on one of the days she spent with us, but that’s a story for another day.

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DayLynn knows what she wants

12/30/2017 14:26

DayLynn knows what this babe desires

DayLynn knows what she wants

DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old wife, told us this babe was nervous before her 1st hardcore scene.

“Very nervous,” she told. “About anything. U know what you love, but u do not know what the other person likes, so you must figure it out.”

DayLynn figured it out very quickly. She figured out that the smooth operator likes unfathomable, sloppy blow jobs. That babe likewise figured out that this ladies man can’t live out of rogering her tattoed slit and cumming in her throat.

“Fun sex it was,” DayLynn told. “I adore my age. I know what I’ll by no means do afresh. And the things I know I relish, I’m going to do many times afresh.”

One of the things she’ll do anew is bonk on-camera, but that’s a story for another day.

DayLynn is from Florida’s Gulf Coast, and that babe says that when she was driving to Miami for her first shoot, that babe was thinking, “My goodness, what am I getting myself into? And being exposed on-camera…and not solely nude but going all the way, which my Mommy would be very frustrated in. She’d say, ‘I raised you more priceless.'”

But her friends wouldn’t be surprised.

“I am a very carnal lady,” she told. “Most of my allies know who I am: a hot slut wife, or I would not call ’em my friends. However, just a pair of wives would not be pleased with me nor would my parents.”

Hey, life is likewise short to worry about what other people think. DayLynn doesn’t care if people know that even though she’s married, that babe has a dark bull dom who has his way with her whenever that lady-killer wishes. Who tells her how to suit, what to do and how to do it. This Lothario was sitting just a scarcely any feet away while this scene was being filmed.

Discover out DayLynn’s interview to view more about that. Or just check out this sexy wife engulf and bonk. The preference is yours.

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Even idiots get the ass

12/29/2017 14:03

Even idiots get the butt

Even idiots acquire the ass

This scene proves that u don’t have to be smart to get slit. Here, Christina Sapphire, Fourty one, is a legal office assistant who’s working from home. Her neighbour, Tony, drops by and asks for assist with some papers that he’s just been served. This chab has no idea what they mean. The idiot doesn’t even know if he’s divorced. Turns out he’s in arrears on his child support payments, but when he hears the word “arrears,” his brain goes all Beavis and Butt-head.

“Why are you always talking about my ass?” Tony says.

Christina smiles and says, “I think I desire you in my butt this day.”

And in advance of this chab knows it, Tony is spreading Christina’s wet crack and getting his dong sucked and fucking her tight pussy and fine, big a-hole. As we told, u do not receive to be smart to receive twat.

Christina is a wife and Mom from Illinois. As we identified in her previous scenes, she’s a perverted woman who one time got rogered 15 times at a BBC party (we wonder if they checked cock-size at the door). This babe likes shlong. This babe can’t live with out snatch, also.

“My first experience with a woman was when I was 19 or Twenty, and while I didn’t have many female partners in my 20s and Thirty’s, I thoroughly enjoyed ’em when I did,” she told. “Nowadays I am just as likely to wish a lady partner as a male spouse…or the one and the other if I can get it! I adore having several partners and energetic, multi-position sex. That’s the foremost part about being a swinger. The diversity.”

Christina likewise told, “I adore showing off my raunchy ram,” which is what she’s doing here.

Her ideal day: “I get clothed up and go out to have intensive sex with one or numerous boyfriends. Then I’ll come home to play with my boyfriend, look at a movie or an clip of House of Cards with him during the time that eating ice man-juice. If there is steak somewhere in there, even better.”

Maybe not steak but plenty of meat.

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DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

12/29/2017 13:44

DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

DayLynn Thomas tells all, and we mean all!

Now it’s time to must know DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old, self-described “hot slut wife” who’s banging on-camera for the 1st time. This is one of the most-unusual interviews we have ever done ‘coz DayLynn is an unconventional female.

For example, she’s married, but this babe is “owned by my Dark Bull Corporalist.”

She lives on the west coast of Florida (this babe was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky), and she’s a very wild swinger, so wild that some of the other swinging wives started to resent her cuz that babe was being likewise much of a floozy with their swinging husbands.

DayLynn has golden-haired hair and big bouncy bosoms and a vagina made for screwing. At the end of this interview, she demonstrates her cock-sucking skills on a big, dark cock.

“I’m all about enjoyment in this life,” DayLynn said, “and recent things bring me joy.”

This is a new thing for her. It brought her joy. It will bring u joy, likewise.

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The guy she’s fucking is not her black bull master

12/27/2017 13:45

The lad this babe is rogering is not her black bull slavemaster

The boy she's screwing is not her darksome bull master

Meet DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old from Indiana who now lives on the west coast of Florida. DayLynn isn’t love almost any women.

For example, she’s married, but this babe was accompanied to her first-ever hardcore photo and clip sessions by her Darksome Bull Master. This chab sitting there and watched DayLynn suck and fuck this dude’s wang, and we’re here to tell u that that babe wouldn’t have done it with out his approval.

The hubby’s approval? That babe doesn’t much care about that. But her black bull slaver is the ruler of her sexual universe. For sample, that babe doesn’t ride his knob. That dude fucks her in the missionary and from behind. This chab doesn’t eat her cum-hole. But that babe sucks his penis.

“I’m naturally assertive, but I’ve learned to take what is given by my corporalist merely,” DayLynn said.

We asked her how often this babe has sex, and this babe told, “Three times a week with my slavemaster and one time each 3 months or so with my boyfriend.” And what sexually satisfies her finest? “Taking my master’s cum until it leaks down my legs. I like it!”

DayLynn has D-cup boobs. She measures an magnificant 36-26-38. This babe describes her marital status as “married for 30 years, shared wife for five years and owned by my dark bull dom.”

“I like dressing to please my taskmaster,” that babe said. “Having him put on my cuffs and tie me to the St. Andrews Cross or stock, spanking me all over my body and then him using me and doing soever this woman chaser chooses to me for his enjoyment.”

Darksome Bull Corporalist…nice work if u can get it.

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Hot for teacher

12/23/2017 23:33

Hawt for teacher

Hot for teacher

Female S., a 64-year-old former teacher from the UK, says this babe was not a naughty teacher when she was working, but she is definitely a nasty teacher in this scene. That babe says that when this babe was teaching, that babe at not time fucked one of her students or any of the students’ fathers. But here, this babe shags her student’s maturer brother…right there on the desk in her classroom!

We wonder, likewise, if, back when that babe was a teacher, Female S. wore what she’s wearing here: a tight skirt and a sheer, white blouse that you can watch her dark brassiere throughout.

“I didn’t,” that babe told. “I was very conservative, but all that’s changed.”

Obviously. Woman S. is mouthing and rogering on-camera, showing off her tight GILF body and taking a load of cum all over her valuable, firm bumpers. Honestly, we think her former students would have paid more attention in class if that babe clothed love this and did those things.

Mrs. S. says this babe feels sexy “when anybody looks at me in that way,” which get to be all the time.

“How are you looking at me right now?” that babe asked. “Do you’ve your knob in your hand? Are u resisting the wish to shoot your load? Go ahead. Do not wait. Give it to me!”

Hey, she is the teacher. More astounding do as that babe says!

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Nina North

12/23/2017 18:33

Nina North Nina North
Nina North @
"It resembles you workout!" And with that understatement, Nina North makes not solely her Dogfart Launch, but an extraordinarily hot launch with her Bull, Davin King, and his humongous, uncut piece of darksome meat. Nina’s a self-professed "Size Queen", but the second that babe endevoured to wrap her charming, pliant lips around Davin’s incredible girth, even Nina knew screwing Davin was plan to be a defiance. Thank goodness her slit was juicy! It was soaked from the very second this babe laid eyes on Davin, which helped her take it all. Right to the base! Nina’s not ever been this "filled-up" before! In betwixt all the sexy sucking and rogering, Nina and Davin passionately kiss, making this one of the sexier match-ups we’ve observed in quite some time! Nina entreats to swallow Davin’s load, which she does with a smile on her face! And any cock juice that did not make it down her face hole, Nina scooped up and ate! Kick back and enjoy this one, my brothas!!
Nina North Nina North
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A big MILF ass that deserves anal

12/23/2017 14:06

A bigger than typical HORNY HOUSEWIFE ass that deserves anal

A big M.I.L.F. a-hole that merits anal

“My kinkiest rencounter was the BBC party where I was banged 15 times. I loved all the cum!” said Christina Sapphire, a 41-year-old wife and Mamma from Illinois who now lives in Tampa, Florida, one of the swinging hot spots of the world. And she is a swinger, which explains why almost any of her allies would not be surprised to see her here. One of these allies is 60Plus MILF Sally D’Angelo.

And now, in just 2 scenes at, this cam glamour model has done two of the things it took Sally a whilst to do: interracial 1st, then anal in this scene. She takes Tony’s large, obese shlong in her tight arse (and it is quite an arse, a wonderful greater than standard one!) and then his cum all over her marvelous face.

“Doing porn was a natural choice for me,” Christina said. “I can share my orgasms with the world!”

Here, Tony is Christina’s not-so-dumb dumb neighbor who just got served with legal papers. This chab asks Christina for assist, but this babe just can not get through to him until this babe reveals him her ass. Then that buck understands perfectly.

When it comes to sex, Christine’s tastes are all over the place. She’ll fuck vixens and studs, which includes, certainly, youthful sexy men.

“One weekend, my boyfriend detected an advert on Craigslist and invited over a well-hung 19-year-old,” this babe recalled. “We spoken about his high-school classes, and then I schooled him in the joys of screwing an aged female!”

Do not you just adore honeys love Christina?

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Casey Ballerini

12/22/2017 8:36

Casey Ballerini Casey Ballerini
Casey Ballerini @
She’s golden-haired. She’s Big-Boob. She’s barely legal. This babe is Casey Ballerini, and she’s got a problem. Casey went to the mall and got a bathing suit for the beach, but when she got home and endevoured it on, Casey realized it may be "too much". Or also little, depending on your opinion! Just look! Each time she moves her arms, her supple, all-natural 36C’s pop out of her top! And her dunky white cookie? It’s is barely covered! What’s a girl to do but ask for some advice! "Oh Mandingo! Would you come over and assist me!" Casey’s by no means been with a darksome ladies man previous to, but she is heard of the legend we all know as "Dingo". Since all this babe is ever done are white lads, Casey’s not at any time had anything close to Dingo’s 12-inch monster, and sure sufficient! She can’t even ram the complete thing in her throat! "How’s it ever gonna fit down there?" Casey wonders out loud! Well, it doesn’t all "fit down there", but Casey’s 18-year-old fur pie does the job! Did I mention that we couldn’t have shot this scene solely months agone? Or that Casey now knows the force of darksome 10-Pounder? And that age-old cliche — one time u go black, u not at all go back? "I’m probably done with white boyz," Casey said, as Dingo’s mighty load trickled from her cute face.
Casey Ballerini Casey Ballerini
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