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Nicky Ferrari – Mom’s a porn star

06/30/2016 1:39

Mom’s a porn star

Mom's a porn star

Nicky Ferrari, who’s 46 years mature and a Mamma back in Southern California, does her 1st copulate video. As we told when that babe first appeared, she is a porno star. That babe likes to bonk. And she speaks English and Spanish, as you are about to see. We used sub-titles for part of this scene, the parts in which this babe speaks Spanish, but for the almost any part, the translations are variations of “Fuck my pussy” and “I love your ramrod.” Which u might have been able to figure out on your own considering that Nicky has a rock hard schlong in her taut cunt when she’s saying these things.

Nicky is 5’4″ and weighs approximately 128 pounds. That babe has DD-cup marangos. This babe is a pornstar. That babe loves “all boyz.” Okay. But she too said, “I adore gentlemen.” This babe means until they get her into the bedroom. Then they can get rough with her, call her “slut” and refer to her snatch as her love tunnel. Oh, and they can discharge their loads wherever they desire.

“I like underware,” this babe told.

“I love gang bangs,” she added.

Group sex with gentlemen? Has there ever been such a thing?

Here, Nicky gets fucked by one lad. She’s not greedy. That’s sufficient to make her glad.

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Victoria Versaci – Fuck the big-assed cleaning lady!

06/29/2016 9:01

Fuck the bigger in size than average assed cleaning mistress!

Fuck the large bootied cleaning female!

Bigger than run of the mill assed Mexican SEXY HOUSEWIFE Victoria Versaci is back, and this time, she’s the cleaning lady in an office building. Tony is working overtime when he pays attention Victoria. Indeed, this chab notices her milk sacks and arse coz even a standard-issue uniform love the one Victoria is wearing can not hide her assets. Tony makes a decision to take a break from working and asks Victoria if she’d adore to take a break, also. Fortunately, they the one and the other have the same kind of break in mind. Mouthing and banging ensues. They’ll be in big a predicament if the boss flaunts up.

Victoria is a Mamma and divorcee from Mexico, and this babe has one of the preeminent butts we’ve ever seen. It’s bigger than standard, round and demands to be pounded. How worthy is Victoria’s a-hole? It looks admirable even when this babe is wearing sneakers. Almost any babes need heels to make their gazoo look half as priceless as Victoria’s looks even without the assistance of lift. No wonder Tony chooses Victoria’s rump as the landing spot for his load.

Victoria is Fifty two years old. That babe lives in Los Angeles. She is divorced. This is her second time banging on-camera. The first time was too with us. As sexy as she’s, that babe doesn’t go out looking for 10-Pounder. That babe doesn’t cruise the beaches finding youthful dudes who’ll gangbang her doggy style. She is not a nudist. That babe is not a swinger. She’d not at any time had sex on-camera in advance of that babe came to She’s a sexy Lalin girl businesswoman.

That is right, that babe isn’t a cleaning female. But she’d be a heckuva fine one if she were.

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Nicky Ferrari – Nicky Ferrari comes to

06/25/2016 16:10

Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari comes to

Nicky Ferrari is a SEXY HOUSEWIFE. She’s a Mom. She has two sons.

She’s too a sex star.

For many of us, that’s the ideal combination. Let’s face it: Old hotty’s are better when they’re mammas. It is priceless to know that they’re someone’s Mamma and they’re rogering on-camera for all the world to watch. And, for some reason, it is more breathtaking when they have sons, not daughters. That is coz lads do not say to hotties, “Your Mother is hawt,” but they do say it to lads. They might receive the shit kicked out of them for saying it, but they say it in any case.

So, Nicky is a sexy Mommy who was born in Mexico and now lives in Southern California. She is Fourty six years mature. She is 5’4″, 128 pounds with DD-cup juggs. And when we asked her what kind of boys she can’t live with out, she told, “All boyz.”

So that includes you.

She dresses hot when she goes out cuz “I desire all the lads looking st me.” And, yet, the people who know her supreme would be surprised to see her rogering on-camera because they don’t know about her secret life.

By the way, the charmer she’s banging in this scene is Twenty five years mature. Young sufficient to be her son.

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Amanda Verhooks – Amanda Verhooks, black cock ass slut

06/24/2016 9:01

Amanda Verhooks, dark dick ass floozy

Amanda Verhooks, black penis gazoo slut

“Suck on those big areolas!” 51-year-old Amanda Verhooks tells her boy at the commence of this scene. “Suck ’em priceless!”

This hard-bodied little shag toy is wearing stockings, heels and a corset. She acquires on all fours and glamour models her wet crack and backdoor for Jax Dark-skinned.

“This doxy is plan to get it,” this babe says. “I’m a fuckin’ tramp.”

Hey, if that babe says so.

“My mouth is hungry,” that babe says.

So Jax feeds her his penis and that babe eagerly swallows it. This chab likewise face-fucks her, and she sucks his nuts. Then this smooth operator copulates her fur pie and this babe works her bawdy cleft hard on his shlong.

“Now put it in my butt,” that babe says. “Turn me into a entire little wazoo wench.”

So that dude does. Amanda even goes the extra mile by sucking the dick after it comes with out her ass. This might sound additional dirty, but it is perfectly sanitary. Amanda has a very clean, constricted booty, and she gave herself an enema in advance of the scene. But still, how many hotty’s engulf the wang that just came without her booty?

Lastly, after more ass-fucking, Jax cums all over her face. This babe widens her mouth for the cum then sucks what’s left off the head of his strapon.

Amanda used to be a exotic dancer. Now she’s rogering on-camera and doing it very well. Do u crave her to be your little gazoo slut?

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Angie Noir – “Happy birthday, buddy. Let’s DP Angie Noir!”

06/24/2016 1:57

“Happy birthday, buddy. Let’s Dual Penetration Angie Noir!”

Seems as if Tony misssed his buddy’s final birthday and this guy wishes to make up for it.

“You know I do not adore surprises,” Jimmy says.

“You’re plan to adore this one,” Tony says. “Trust me.”

When Angie, flaunts up, this babe is wearing barely anything. It is strappy and blue and covers very little. It definitely doesn’t cover her arse, fullsome funbags or cum-hole. She is wearing stripper-style fuck-me shoes. You know, the clear kind. The kind that send a clear message about what a domme wishes.

Of course, Jimmy can’t live with out this surprise, but he doesn’t receive Angie to himself. No way! Tony desires some of that, too, so they take turns getting their knobs sucked by Angie, then they take turns on her muff and anus, then they DP her.

There’s smth specific about a 49-year-old Mommy getting DP’d. Why is that?

There’s something specific about a 49-year-old Mother tongueing two guys’ cum off her fingers. Why is that?

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Amanda Verhooks – Now 50something, Amanda enjoys an interracial ass-fuck

06/22/2016 8:56

Now 50 something, Amanda enjoys an interracial ass-fuck

Now 50something, Amanda enjoys an interracial ass-fuck

When Amanda Verhooks got ass-fucked last year at, this babe said, “I urge all the lads to stroke during the time that they’re watching me getting my ass screwed. I crave them to shoot their loads during the time that watching me, then I crave ’em to tell me about it. It’s the least they could do. I gave up my booty for ’em.”

Amanda is now Fifty one years aged and has graduated to, and to celebrate, she’s getting ass-fucked one time more, but this time by a larger than average, dark-skinned jock. And since Amanda is so little (this babe weighs approximately just 126 pounds), that large knob looks even bigger in size in her face hole, twat and butthole.

Amanda is divorced. She is a swinger. This babe used to be a exotic dancer. She’s from Michigan and lives in Florida. This babe said that babe watched her scenes with a boyfriend and discovered ’em very inspirational.


“They inspired me to have more sex,” Amanda told.

Amanda was discovered by Sally D’Angelo, one of our beloved 60Plus M.I.L.F.S.. Like Sally, she has a hard body and a indecent face hole. Wonderful combination. Have enjoyment.

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Jojo Kiss

06/21/2016 21:31

Jojo Kiss Jojo Kiss
Jojo Kiss @
Check out Jojo Kiss and her stud, Damien. What freaks! They’re in the washroom, scheming together on how Jojo will entice and screw Damien’s personal trainer, Jax, while Damien watches. Damien doesn’t care if this chab has to peer through the porch window, or get close up to check out the strapping, darksome bull have his way with Jojo! Certainly he’d most like to be as close as possible (which happens), and he’d prefer his lady to get railed (which happens), and ‘cuz that Lothario is so freaky, he wants to make sure Jojo receives cleaned up after the dark bull makes his mess. This happens, likewise. What a enchanting, cheerful couple! And Jax? Well…he has some other client to add to his roster.
Jojo Kiss Jojo Kiss

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Katherine Merlot – 73-year-old Katherine and her cunt

06/21/2016 2:22

73-year-old Katherine and her twat

73-year-old Katherine and her cunt

“I love to suck priceless hard, youthful dicks. I adore them in my cunt, likewise, but I need to get them rock hard first.”

So says 73-year-old Romanian divorcee and Mother Katherine Merlot, our second-oldest GILF ever (Sandra Ann is the oldest). It is subrigid to detect a 73-year-old angel who uses the words “dick” and “cunt” and talks about her carnal habits. It’s even harder to discover one who is marvelous, sexy and screws on-camera, as Katherine can’t live out of to do at

Katherine said us how that babe can’t live with out to please youthful guys.

“I lay them down on the daybed, and I go down and I tickle their balls gently with my tongue, then I put the wang in my throat and I just engulf it. I bob my head up and down and take up with the tongue all around the head of the schlong. And then I take my tongue and go all the way down to the balls. I take up with the tongue them, I suck them, then back up to the head, and by then, my cum-hole is precious and luscious and moist, and I’m ready to receive properly screwed.”

Speaking of cookie, Katherine says hers is mature, but still young.

“It’s still constricted. I get tons of compliments on my pussy.”

Do boyz say to her, “Katherine, u have a worthy cunt”? We wonder.

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Kim Anh – Rita Daniels and Kim Anh in the filthiest 60something 3-way ever

06/18/2016 1:57

Rita Daniels and Kim Anh in the filthiest 60something 3-way ever

Rita Daniels and Kim Anh in the filthiest Sixty something 3-way ever

In a scene that can merely be described as epic, 65-year-old Rita Daniels and 63-year-old Asian GILF Kim Anh share a 22-year-old and take his shlong in their mouths, vaginas and assholes. We’ve been expecting for this for a long-time. After all, Rita discovered Kim.

After an interview, Rita gives Kim an enema. This is smth that usually goes on behind the scenes, but we thought you’d enjoy seeing it. Rita gets Kim on all fours and says, “Doesn’t this babe have the prettiest dark-skinned hole you have ever seen? I suppose I should lick her arsehole to lube it up.”

Rita then spits on Kim’s butthole and inserts the enema. That babe rubs it in.

“Look at that fuckin’ pink wet crack,” Rita says before that babe goes in for a lick. “I like slit.”

Then the Lothario reveals up. He’s 22 years old. The following happens:

1. Kim sucks his meat-thermometer while Rita sucks his nuts.
TWO. The ladies take turns mouthing knob and eating each other’s assholes. Rita can’t live with out hearing Kim say “asshole.” Kim says Rita’s anus is “delicious.”
3. Rita rides the weenie whilst eating Kim’s love tunnel.
4. Rita rides the weenie while Kim sucks the dude’s balls.
5. More shared cock-sucking and balls-sucking.

We interrupt this description to wonder how the buck hasn’t blown his cream yet.

6. Kim rides the shlong during the time that Rita watches the action.
7. More shared cock-and-balls engulfing.
8. Rita rides the jock with her bawdy cleft then lies back, acquires her legs back and takes the shlong up her a-hole during the time that Kim plays with her whoppers.
9. Rita gets ass-fucked while Kim eats her snatch.
10. Kim gets ass-fucked during the time that eating Rita’s fur pie. Meanwhile, Rita is touching with tongue the guy’s balls.
11. The boy lastly discharges his cum on Rita’s face and Kim’s gazoo.
12. Rita licks the cum off Kim’s wazoo and pussy.

Paramount scene ever?

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