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Amber Reiz – Some fine Puerto Rican ass

02/27/2016 7:45

Some valuable Puerto Rican a-hole

Some worthy Puerto Rican ass

“I come from a very strict and conservative family,” 47-year-old divorcee Amber Reiz said.

Strict? Conservative? Guess that did not rub off on her. In her first-ever scene at, Amber throated pecker and got her love tunnel banged. Here, in her second scene, she is intend to do that and more.

This babe is plan to acquire her Puerto Rican arse filled with porn meat-thermometer. A greater than standard one, too.

This might be a worthy time to tell you that Amber has four children and a grandchild. Hey, your mom’s getting ass-fucked at!

Fine job.

Amber loves younger bucks, so we gave her one. Two, truly, counting her first scene. She loves to talk indecent. This babe discovered us on CraigsList. Her consummate evening would be “walking on the beach with my soulmate, holding hands and kissing each other.”

How romantic.

Maybe some ass-fucking, also?

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Katrina Kink – Better Than Hubby

02/25/2016 23:01

More unbelievable Than Boyfriend

Better Than Hubby

Chaps, welcome back Katrina Kink to the web page. This 46-year-old M.I.L.F. from San Francisco enjoyed her 1st adept studio experience so much, she begged to come back. This time, we set her up with our resident jackhammer J-Mac. He is a stud of scarcely any words, but we did not hire him for his acting ability. We hired him ‘cuz that lady-killer bows MILF’s legs behind their heads and pounds their G-spots until they’re left gooey, groaning and swearing that they’ve not at all been screwed that rock hard previous to.

This scene spreads with Katrina telling J-mac that her husband’s petite dick doesn’t get subrigid for her anymore. “I forgot what it feels adore to be banged by a real hard meat-thermometer,” she says. “That’s too bad,” replies J-Mac. Ever the gentleman, this chab whips out his wondrous girth. Ever the wench, Katrina drops to her knees and gets her handsome face banged. This babe gags, drools and chokes on his pecker, which seems to get her more amorous than it does him.

Then Katrina climbs on top, and you can watch her haunches twitching from petite orgasms as soon as that babe feels that thick meat-thermometer fill up her still-tight 46-year-old twat. That is the 1st series of many orgasms. They pound in each position, and Katrina doesn’t waste an opportunity to insult her limp-dicked hubby while complimenting the porn chap balls-deep inside her.

Katrina Kink is living up to her final name, and we’re living up to our promise: Age-verified 40Somethings getting banged like they’ve at no time been banged before.

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Lexi Ambrose – Lexi’s first time

02/25/2016 22:56

Lexi’s first time

Lexi's first time

1st, we need to know 53-year-old first-timer Lexi Ambrose in an interview. Lexi tells us about tons of things, such as how this babe and 50Plus M.I.L.F. Dallas Matthews suck and shag the same schlongs and how Dallas pointed Lexi in our direction.

Then, Lexi, a Mommy and grandmother, bonks a 24-year-old stud. That is admirable for the smooth operator, worthy for us and wonderful for Lexi, too, coz this babe likes Them juvenile.

Lexi has a nude fur pie. That babe doesn’t shave it. This babe waxes it. Sometimes she sugars it. What does that mean? This babe tells us.

Lexi is a dental hygienist. Her consummate day, from beginning to end: waking up; having coffee; going shopping; lunch with friends; yoga; making dinner for a peculiar friend; snuggling to a episode; sexy, sweaty sex until she falls asleep.

And tomorrow? Rinse and reiterate!

Lexi has 3 children and six grandchildren. Her body is little (although her marangos are bigger than typical) and taut. This babe loves sweethearts. Although she is a swinger, she doesn’t like having sex with strangers.

Certainly, Rion, the boy she’s screwing in this scene, is a stranger. We’re happy she made the exception.

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Michaela O’Brilliant – Busty Michaela cums hard

02/24/2016 23:53

Big-Boob Michaela cums stiff

Busty Michaela cums hard

“For some reason, people always appear to be to remember me,” 57-year-old Michaela told. Could it be cuz this German copulate toy has giant fake funbags with pierced areolas and a multi-jeweled cookie that that babe loves to fill with fingers, dildos and weenies?

Here, Michaela is wearing a constricted top and a tighter petticoat. That babe cant wait to reveal off her bumpers, but this babe tanalizes a bit coz this babe knows that will be better for all of us. This babe is wearing stockings and heels. Pretty soon sufficient, her titties come out and that babe flaunts off her pierced nipps, then her G-string comes off and this babe displays off her fur pie. And then that babe fingers her pink copulate gap and cums inflexible. With her body and tats and piercings, Michaela reminds us a little of former pornstar Donita Dunes, who sailed with The SCORE Group on Boob Cruise 2000.

“I liked having my nipps pierced so much that I knew I was going to get my cum-hole done next,” Michaela said. “I know piercings are somewhat common those days, but I got mine over 15 years agone. Few people had ’em then, and certainly not in Germany. I have always been ahead of the times in that sense. I likewise advocated for anal in the ’80s, but my friends were all scared to try it. I was the first one of the bunch to love it, and eventually they followed my path.”

Michaela gets ass-fucked elsewhere on U can relish that scene, or you can have her all to yourself.

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Sky Rodgers

02/24/2016 7:04

Sky Rodgers Sky Rodgers
Sky Rodgers @
Nurse Sky Rodgers, previously known as Rae Rodgers, is lascivious. In fact, this babe is been anxiously awaiting for today. One of her doctor’s long time patients — Mandingo — is in for an annual check-up. Admirable news for Sky as the doctor’s out! Think she bothered to call and tell Mandingo in order that this chab reschedule? No! Why? Instead of her regular nurse’s scrubs, she’s put on a sexy, slutty outfit. She is out to tempt Dingo right there in the office. This babe is got a nice idea he’s well-endowed, and that babe wishes a smack of his dark-skinned meat. Now’s her chance — even if it means losing her job!!
Sky Rodgers Sky Rodgers
Visit – Hawt Cougar Mammas With Hung Dark Men @ Blacks On Cougars | Sky Rodgers

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Lexi Ambrose – Lexi Ambrose, courtesy of Dallas Matthews

02/24/2016 1:09

Lexi Ambrose, courtesy of Dallas Matthews

Lexi Ambrose, courtesy of Dallas Matthews

Lexi Ambrose, a 53-year-old Mother and grandmother from Washington, knows Dallas Matthews, who debuted at this past December. How do they know each other?

“We’ve eaten at the same places,” Lexi told.

This babe smiled when that babe told that. They’ve sucked the same ramrods. That’s how they know every other. They’re swinger couples.

We acquire to be doing smth right ‘coz adult models keep telling their allies about us.

In this scene, her 1st, Lexi sucks and fucks a 24-year-old. Lexi loves young boys, and we discovered her one.

Lexi is a dental hygienist. You know, one of these sexy chicks at the dentists office who cleans your teeth during the time that her deep cleavage is dangling in your face. Dental hygienists and hair stylists have a lot in common. They’re pecker teases. Except Lexi doesn’t tease. This babe delivers.

Lexi is 5’1″ and has a weight of 112 pounds. That babe has admirable hooters and a waxed cookie. This babe enjoys drawing, writing, dripping and hot yoga. This babe says people who know her would be surprised to watch her here cuz “my life is so structural and experienced. Reserved.”

Dallas Matthews would not be surprised to watch her here.

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Katrina Kink – Katrina gets kinky with JMac

02/20/2016 11:04

Katrina acquires kinky with JMac

Katrina gets kinky with JMac

“I love hard, fast sex,” said 46-year-old Mamma Katrina. “I adore to be manhandled.”

Katrina acquires all that babe can handle in her encore, a rigid, unfathomable rogering by big-dicked JMac. That babe gets as much of JMac into her throat as that babe can. An “A” for effort! She receives on top of JMac’s penis, and that lady-killer puts her in the lockdown. That is what he calls it when that charmer uses his arms to get a girl’s legs all the way back. The schlong stays inside. Mostly. It’s a position for talented fuckers solely, and Katrina definitely is that.

“I’m open about the things I enjoy,” that babe said. “My allies all know me as open-minded, adventurous and risque, so the fact that I am doing this wouldn’t be much of a surprise to ’em. Although I am not a swinger or a nudist, it’s a colossal turn-on for others to check out me do sexual things, so it makes sense for me to be here. Even just having other people in the studio watching me copulate was hawt.”

Notice how Katrina is looking into the digi camera in so many of these images, especially after JMac blows his ball batter on her face. Very hot.

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Tracy Licks – A special delivery for Tracy’s pussy

02/19/2016 5:55

A particular delivery for Tracy’s snatch

A special delivery for Tracy's pussy

“In my younger years, I sold real estate, which I enjoyed very much,” said 52-year-old hot wife Tracy Licks. “Then I was a stay-at-home Mother for many years during the time that my children were younger. As they grew, I had a not many part-time jobs to accommodate all of our busy schedules, and now I have been working at home on my site for the past 15 years. I used to be a soccer Mama by day and a excited housewife by night, but now the kids are all with out the abode and I can do whatsoever I want.”

Okay, the website: That babe bonks on that website.

Second, “do soever I want.” That includes screwing Jax Dark-skinned in this video, in which this babe is living at a nudist colony and he’s making a specific delivery. He eventually delivers his schlong into Tracy’s well-lubed love tunnel.

“I’ve had a lot more than one bang,” Tracy said. “With other gals, we have taken on 15 or so other studs, but by myself, I urge to say maybe eight, and that was a marvelous precious turnout. We did it in an apartment in Fresh York Town. We had a combination of white boys and darksome boys, not indeed too young but middle-aged. Everyone was good and rigid, and it was very joy, and I got absolutely covered in cum by the end of the night. Blow jobs, hand jobs, screwing…we were doing it all.”

That is Tracy: This babe does it all. Wife. Mother. Screw whore.

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Nancy Jay – Cuckold to the ass-fucked wife

02/19/2016 1:29

Cuckold to the ass-fucked wife

Cuckold to the ass-fucked wife

Nancy Jay, a 43-year-old wife and Mommy of five boyz, is with Tarzan when her partner spreads the door and sees ’em. This lady-killer seems to like what this Lothario is seeing, so this chab stands back for a during the time that before walking in on the action mid-blow job. Tarzan is nervous (but not nervous sufficient to lose wood).

“Come sit down and watch,” Nancy tells her hubby. “You’ve been also busy with work, and you know that I need meat-thermometer and you haven’t been expert to give it to me, so you can sit there and look at. Don’t touch your weenie, either.”

Despite what Nancy told, her husband still has the option of kicking the living shit with out Tarzan. But he doesn’t do that. This chab watches, and Nancy watches him whilst that babe is sucking meat-thermometer and getting screwed…in the ass, also!

“I banged an IT lad one time,” Nancy said. “He came over to fix my laptop. That lady-killer was working on my PC and I was leaning in wearing a little see-through negligee nightie. I asked him if we could decide a little deal, and this chab asked what I had in mind. I grasped his schlong and he started kissing me. He gripped my cookie. I sucked his shlong for a minute or two, and then this chab banged me while his wife was sat in the car waiting outside.”

And where was Nancy’s hubby? In the abode somewhere. Certainly.

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