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Gabriella Sky – Gabriella Sky has no limits

08/29/2015 12:22

Gabriella Sky has no limitations

Gabriella Sky has no limits

Gabriella Sky, a super-sexy 43-year-old divorcee, makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera initial debut by taking on JMac’s humongous weenie. Gabriella is squishy and sensual. This babe was born in Jamaica and now lives in South Florida, where she is a Mamma and a speech pathologist. That’s supposed to mean that babe helps people regain their ability to speak. You might be speechless after seeing Gabriella’s impressive, exotic face and sexy body.

“I’m very spiritual,” said Gabriella, who’s neither a swinger nor a nudist. “The people who know me would be very surprised to see me here.”

Gabriella is an interesting bitch beauty. She one time had a job baking custom cupcakes. She’s a soccer fan. That babe enjoys swimming and gonna the gym, where we’re sure this babe causes quite a stir. She wears Brazilian cut thongs. And there are two things that babe wishes to do that she’s at not time done before:

1.) Climb the Great Pyramids.
TWO.) Have sex with twins.

Identical twins. At the same time. If we could’ve manufactured two JMacs, that babe would’ve screwed them both. More about that in her movie interview.

That babe also one time had sex out side in an Italian ruin.

Savour Gabriella.

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Lena Lewis – Let her eat cock

08/28/2015 14:08

Let her eat dick

Let her eat cock

In her second scene at, 52-year-old golden-haired Lena Lewis serves Tony a cake for his birthday. But this chab is sad. He’s all alone on his bigger in size than average day. His girlfriend didn’t unveil up.

“You’re not alone,” Lena says. “I’m here.”

“The cake looks bewitching,” Tony says. “I’m not sure I am in the mood for it, though.”

But this chab resolves to try the cake, which is fetching, and this babe sings “Happy Birthday” to him in German. She licks the cream off his lips. And away they go! This is plan to be a valuable birthday afterall.

We asked Lena how that babe ended up in our studio, and this babe said, “I saw your advert on Backpage .com and thought, ‘I can do that.’ I’ve done tons of wild things in my life, and I have an open attitude about sex, so I figured, ‘Why not?’ And I do not have a hubby or children to worry about, so I’m not worried about people finding out. Although I do lead a type of double life. I’ve to be very secretive about some of the things I do. Sexually.”

Doing this is now part of her double life, although, surprisingly, she’s not a swinger.

“I’ve not ever had the opportunity. But I’m very sexually aggressive. I loathe to wait. Life is too short, and some men are just also coy to approach a woman, especially when they’re younger and the woman is older. If I had one piece of advice for lads, it would be, ‘Go for it!'”

Here, Tony goes for it. Cheerful birthday to him.

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Valentina Rosario – Valentina’s first fuck film

08/28/2015 2:28

Valentina’s 1st shag film

Valentina's 1st screw film

“I’m plan to screw him and blow him and soever else this stud wants me to do to him,” 49-year-old divorcee and Mother Valentina Rosario told when we asked her what she is plan to do with JMac.

She is likewise gonna suck his weenie while being interviewed. And that babe is intend to have him cum on her pretty Lalin girl face.

Valentina, who got divorced 3 years agone, usually doesn’t have sex with chaps as young as JMac. He’s 30. But she made an exception cuz 1.) She actually did not know who this babe was intend to have sex with when this babe showed up at our studio and had signed up for the MILF First-timer Plan; and TWO.) This babe likes large rods.

For sample, at home, Valentina has a rubber, double-header vibrator that is Eighteen inches lengthy. She fucks her muff and a-hole at the same time with it. And when that babe doesn’t want to receive DP’d by her toy, she uses a nine-inch sex tool on her cunt.

By the way, Valentina says her kids aren’t much younger than JMac.

This babe was born in Cuba. This babe lives in South Florida. That babe doesn’t sleep around, but that babe says that on a scale of one to 10, her sexuality is a 12.

Notice how Valentina is into large numbers. And now a larger than run of the mill number is gonna receive into her.

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Lena Lewis – Tony takes the cake, Lena takes the cock

08/26/2015 16:03

Tony takes the cake, Lena takes the 10-Pounder

Tony takes the cake, Lena takes the cock

“I adore younger bucks, and I am not even talking about the boyz I had sex with in your studio,” told Lena, a 52-year-old who’s from Germany and lives in Manhattan. “I recently had sex with a 19-year-old. That smooth operator was cute but inexperienced. He wanted to be guided, so I taught him how to please a female and how to be happy. I got to educate him a lot. This chab had incredible staying power.”

Lena enjoys reading, stripping and going on nature hikes. She used to be an desirous skier. Her prefered TV flaunts are Abode Hunters International and Saturday Night Live. Her prefered movies are 2001: A Space Odyssey and With out Africa. She said a guy can attract her attention by “engaging me in an intelligent and interesting conversation while looking into my eyes. But if that woman chaser craves to glance at my chest a time or 2, that is too okay.”


“I’m a one-woman show. I like being observed. I’ve by no means been in a situation where someone could view me having sex until I came here. But I love to have sex, and if there is the possibility that somebody can see me doing it, that is very gripping.”

We like watching Lena. That babe has handsome breasts and a hot body. That babe has a look that says, “I know what I am doing.” And that babe does.

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Leilani Lei – Lay Leilani Lei

08/25/2015 8:42

Lay Leilani Lei

Lay Leilani Lei

Since each female likes a compliment, we gave Leilani Lei one.

“You’re a shag toy, `the editor told her.

“Thank you!” 50-year-old Leilani told. And then she proceeded to display why she’s a screw toy by contorting herself into all types of hawt copulate poses, the kind you are gonna watch in those pictures.

Leilani, a housewife and Mommy, is slight and flexible. That babe has dunky, firm zeppelins with always-erect teats. That babe has one of the tightest twats and most-virginal-looking assholes we have ever seen.

“I used to be coyness,” this gray-haired hottie said.

Her tiny tan lines prove that she’s no longer shy. Ask Leilani to take off her knickers and widen her legs and acquire them all the way back so u can gaze into her slit and rectal hole and she’ll gladly do it.

“In my younger days, I not ever would have imagined that I would be here, posing nude, about to have sex with a stranger on-camera,” that babe said. “It by no means would have crossed my mind. I would have told, ‘No, not me. Not at all.'”

Now, Leilani is allies with Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo, 2 of the horniest honey bunnys ever, and this babe claims she’s their equal in the dick-loving department.

“All of us are just greedy for penis.”

See her fresh hardcore vids at

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Alura Jenson

08/23/2015 3:03

Alura Jenson Alura Jenson
Alura Jenson @
Alura Jenson is sexually unsatisfied. Hubby’s a workaholic, and when he’s home, this buck is still at work. This leaves Alura to lounge around the pool all day, usually tanning topless. That babe can’t live out of sitting in the backyard, half-naked, in plain observe of the neighbors…or the workmen Husband hires to maintain the property and the pool. Hubby’s at a convention across the country, and Alura knows the pool man is scheduled today. She went out and got her make-up and hair done, bought a recent bathing suit, and is in the centre of oiling up her captivating, enhanced DD’s when pool Lothario comes to let her know everything’s in order. Everything, that is, except Alura’s juicy slit, which has been aching for act. Did we mention the pool smooth operator is dark? Or that he’s hung adore a horse? Or that Alura wishes to shove her boundaries and let pool Lothario in her a-hole?
Alura Jenson Alura Jenson
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Valentina Rosario – A cock for Valentina

08/22/2015 14:44

A 10-Pounder for Valentina

A wang for Valentina

Latina Valentina Rosario, a 49-year-old divorcee and Mom from South Florida, born in Cuba, takes on JMac’s king-size cock in her first porno scene. Valuable for Valentina. She’s doing something she’s thought about doing for a long time, and she’s doing it in the right place.

That babe is doing it for the right reason, too: for herself. She’s doing it coz she actually wanted to do it. Nobody knows that babe is here. Not her family members. Not her allies.

“I would probably lose plenty of friendships if they detected out I was doing this,” Valentina admitted.

And yet this babe is doing it in any case. ‘cuz, you know, there comes a time in a woman’s life when that babe has to prevent asking permission to do things. Valentina, who will turn 50 in January 2016, is well past that time.

Valentina is 5’7″ and has C-cup billibongs. She can’t live without to workout. This babe likes maturer men and spending days at the beach. This babe isn’t a swinger but she’s a nudist. That babe loves a Lothario in uniform. With out uniform, too.

She says she is not ever had sex with a much-younger Lothario.

Well, this babe has now. She’s 49. JMac is Thirty. It was a match made in heaven.

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Georgina – Special delivery: cock

08/20/2015 21:53

Peculiar delivery: weenie

Special delivery: cock

Georgina, Fifty nine, is in her bathroom fixing her hair when this babe hears a knock on the door. It’s a bike messenger. This smooth operator has a package for her. This chab asks if he can come in so she can sign for it. That is odd. Why can’t she just sign for it at the door?

Cuz this is porn, and if this chab signs for it at the door, we don’t have a scene.

That gent gives Georgina the package and tells her to make sure everything’s inside. That babe widens the package. Underware and a sextoy!

“Exactly what I urge,” Georgina says.

Well, not exactly what that babe urges. What she truly craves is the bike messenger’s rod, which she strokes through his trousers.

“You can sign the form a little bit later,” that gent says, and that babe takes out his ding-dong and sucks it.

Georgina is divorced. That babe has kids. We could not view much about her ‘cuz that babe doesn’t speak much English. We do know that this babe has lengthy nipps that are almost always erect. She can’t live out of romantic dates, such as going to restaurants and going for lengthy walks. That babe is been in a miniature in number three-ways and enjoyed ’em. This babe masturbates every day. She has sex one time or twice a week “because I do not have time to have it more often, but if I did, I’d.”

U know, the Czech Republic has become a breeding ground for young, hot lady pornstars. It’s good to know that the mature ladies can keep up with them.

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Natalia Chambers – Surprise! Natalia’s fucking on-camera

08/19/2015 20:48

Surprise! Natalia’s rogering on-camera

Surprise! Natalia's fucking on-camera

“Some people who know me would be surprised to see me here and some would not,” said Natalia Chambers, a 48-year-old divorcee and first-timer. “The people in my able world would not await it, but the people I can be myself with would absolutely understand.”

We understand. Natalia is blonde, hot and impressive. She’s a swinger who says that babe has sex as often as possible. This babe is into fellows and honey bunnys. That babe measures a delectable 34-24-33.

“I’m a Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK,” that babe said. “I have six children. They are wondrous kids.”

And they have an wondrous Mommy who, in her initial debut, sucks and screws Tony’s porn man 10-Pounder.

“I’ve had sex with numerous younger studs and babes,” she told. “I picked up a 20-year-old in a club.”

That person wouldn’t be surprised to see her here.

“I love to play football in the backyard,” Natalia said. “I workout four times a week and compete in bikini fitness. I like lap dancing and gonna the Health Exotic dancing club. I usually do not wear panties.”

This babe is wearing briefs in this scene. Crotchless ones. The more excellent to fuck her throughout.

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