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Lynn – Lynn is a hot housewife

05/30/2015 17:33

Lynn is a M.I.L.F.

Lynn is a hawt housewife

“My boyfriend thinks I’m pretty hawt,” told Lynn, a housewife, personal tutor and Mother who calls herself Lynn Sexy housewife. We can see why. This babe is tall and golden-haired and has a hot body. For her second photo set at, she’s sucking and banging dick and opening her mouth for cum.

Lynn was sent our way by 60PlusMILF Sally D’Angelo. This babe is a personal trainer. She works without her house, one person at a time. Studs and chicks. Mostly hotty’s but sometimes chaps. Sometimes, the one-on-one attention she gives her male clients acquires a little more touchy than it would in your commonplace workout session.

“Now and then it goes there,” that babe said. “It depends on where they’re from. If they’re a regular, usually it doesn’t, but if they’re in town, it’ll happen. It’ll be a little bit more pleasure than a workout.”

Lynn enjoys watching football. The Giants are her team. This babe used to play volleyball. She likes plan to the beach, hiking and boating. That babe urges to “travel to all the captivating beaches in the world and not be on a time limit. If I urge to stay, I can, or I can move on to the next one.”

Sexually, that babe is into hawt wax, mild slavery and being blindfolded. Her erotic fantasy is to be rogered by three babes on a beach. Actually, that babe told “taken.” We substituted “fucked” for “taken.”

Here, that babe gets taken and fucked. Although u might say Lynn is doing the taking. Especially at the end of the scene.

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Karen Kougar – Even sluttier than you remember

05/29/2015 12:52

Even sluttier than you remember

Even sluttier than you remember

We are glad to report that at 52 years aged, Karen Kougar sucks ramrod as sloppily as ever, moans even louder when she’s getting fucked by a bigger than typical penis and has a strong, pink cum-hole that looks great when a load of cum is pouring out of it. Karen has been with us since 2008–she got ass-fucked by porn chap Troy Halston in her 1st scene at–and this babe is even hornier and sluttier than in advance of.

Now, one might say, “This is a female-dominator who slobbers all over weenie and has gotten DP’d. How can she have gotten hornier and sluttier?”

Just check out.

In this scene, Karen takes on a larger than typical, black pecker. Her copulate smooth operator is a Lothario of few words, but Karen is more interested in what’s in his trousers than what’s going on inside his mind.

Does this domina ever adore engulfing balls!

Karen is a laid-back woman–almost hippy-like–who lives on a farm in a miniature city in upstate Recent York, but she’s a sex star and she one time drilled Ron Jeremy in the closet of a hotel lobby (“Long story” this babe says), and if this babe can’t live with out a skirt chaser, she’ll walk right up to him and begin working on taking him home.

When a lady has a marvelous face, bigger in size than standard milk cans and a body love Karen’s, it doesn’t take much work.

By the way, next time u watch Karen, she’ll be getting DP’d.

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Tarise Taylor – The million-dollar fuck

05/27/2015 23:51

The million-dollar bonk

The million-dollar fuck

“My fantasy is to have anybody check out me and masturbate to me or to have somebody observe me having sex,” said 47-year-old Mommy Tarise Taylor. “That all sounds hawt to me.”

We pointed out to Tarise that thousands of fellows all over the world have already masturbated to her images and her 1st episode at and that they’re gonna jack to this one, too. She said, “I know, and it’s thrilling, but I desire ’em to be right there, like sitting right in front of me. I crave to watch them with their cocks in their hands whilst they’re watching me. That would be a bigger in size than run of the mill turn-on.”

That could probably be arranged. But for now, Tarise is going to need to think about all the boys watching her during the time that this babe is sucking and screwing JMac’s large shlong.

“I’m normally timid and reserved,” told this blue-eyed golden-haired who has been hit on by some charming noted people, including expert wrestler Ted DiBiase. The “Million Dollar Man” used to say that everyone has their price. Well, Tarise didn’t have hers. She did not engulf or fuck Ted DiBiase.

But she does shag JMac. Right here. And she takes his jizz on her face. Very priceless.

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Karen Kougar – Karen Kougar is back for a big, black cock

05/27/2015 14:50

Karen Kougar is back for a greater than standard, black knob

Karen Kougar is back for a bigger than run of the mill, dark-skinned cock

The first time we saw Karen Kougar, at, this babe was 46 years aged and a brunette. This babe was a very sexy copulate, taking a bigger than standard wang up her booty in her very first scene and getting DP’d in her second. But it was not just the fact that she was doing these things that made Karen so sexy. It was how she did them. This babe slobbered on the ramrods. That babe took them unfathomable down her face hole. That babe groaned loudly and talked obscene whilst that babe had 10-Pounder in her mature cum-hole. This woman did not just shag on-camera. This babe loved screwing on-camera, and it showed.

The next time we saw Karen was in 2012 at, this time that babe was a redhead, and she was as lewd and enthusiastic about banging porn jocks as ever. That babe did an anal creampie scene. Then she took some other larger than standard wang up her ass.

And now, 3 years later, Karen is 52 yeard aged and back at She is a brunette hair again, but one thing hasn’t changed: The way this babe sucks and fucks. Check her out as she devours Stallion’s big, black dick. That babe can’t receive sufficient of it. And although she doesn’t receive ass-fucked in this scene, she does receive one of the messiest creampies you are ever plan to see. The cum oozes without her beefy vagina. Her aroused teats point skyward. Same old Karen, and that is a admirable thing.

Karen still lives in a petite city in upstate Recent York. She’s a farm cutie. She still has big milk sacks. She’s not a sex star in that that babe didn’t choose to make a career out of screwing on-camera, although she could have.

The foremost compliment she’s ever received? “You should do porn.”

The worst thing anyone’s ever told to her? “Aren’t u too mature to do porn?”

That person obviously hadn’t observed her in act.

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Tarise Taylor – Full-body fuck massage

05/23/2015 20:53

Full-body shag rub-down

Full-body screw massage

Tarise feels sore, so this babe goes to JMac for a rubdown. Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell her u don’t go to porn studs for massages? Tarise tells JMac that she is feeling sore around the neck and shoulders, but by the time JMac is done laying his bigger than standard wood on her, the merely thing that is gonna feel sore is her just-hammered cum-hole.

Tarise is an interesting lady. Yeah, she has golden-haired hair and DDD-cup pantoons, and that makes her interesting. Yep, this babe has a curvy body and can’t live out of to shag. She’s hawt. That makes her interesting. But there’s more. This babe was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders football team. That babe was a model. She met Brad Pitt (although this babe didn’t bonk him). Ted DiBiase, the talented wrestler, had a major crush on Tarise. That guy thought this chab was plan to marry her. This chab did not.

“He would not prevent asking me out,” Tarise said, “and I said, ‘If you avoid asking me out, I’ll wrestle for you.’ But I ended up not wrestling for him.”

We asked Tarise, “How many people do u meet who look as admirable as you do?” And that babe told, “Not likewise many ‘coz they’re married and they have big vans and they don’t must work and they sit around a lot. And I’ve energy. I’m a young soul. I adore anything. I like sports. I love the beach. I not at all view TV, but I’ve been into Netflix latterly. Facebook, too.”

She likewise once had a boy open a champagne bottle inside her bawdy cleft. That dude popped it first, of course, then shoved it in.

“There’s no thing adore a bottle of champagne to make your wet crack pleasant and recent,” that babe told. “We rogered all night, and we did just about anything you can possibly do.”

Here, JMac screws Tarise’s throat and snatch and cums on her face. Which is exactly what we’d crave to do.

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Lady Dulbin – Stallion’s BBC is hard on Lady Dulbin’s beaver

05/21/2015 20:47

Stallion’s BBC is unyielding on Female Dulbin’s beaver

Stallion's BBC is rigid on Lady Dulbin's beaver

“I am a typical ’50s housewife,” said Female Dulbin, a 54-year-old wife, Mamma and first-timer from California. “Think Leave It To Beaver. I adore expecting on my spouse hand and foot and spoiling him rotten, but it isn’t cuz that lady-killer forces me to. I relish it. We’re co-tops. We’re the one and the other dominating personalities.”

That babe is indeed a talented dominant-bitch, and here, for the 1st time, that babe is a professional porno star. She’s tall and blonde and has curves. She sucks Stallion’s bigger in size than run of the mill, dark jock and takes it unfathomable in her slit during the time that this babe squeals like…well, love a dolphin. And then Studhorse cums in her pussy.

Female-dom Dulbin is a swinger. She has an open marriage. During the time that she was here rogering Stallion, her hubby was back home banging a female he’d just met. This ladies man told her all about it. She said him all about this. And now, as you are watching this scene, Female Dulbin and her hubby are probably watching it together. Maybe, being the June Beaver sort, this babe is mouthing her hubby’s rod. And maybe her hubby has his eye on this scene and is wondering why Stallion is being so subrigid on his wife’s beaver.

You’d be unbending on it, too, if you had the chance. And maybe u will.

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Ginger Black – Ass she likes it

05/21/2015 2:44

Ass she loves it

Ass she can't live out of it

Ginger Dark is a 41-year-old divorcee, but in this scene, she is doing a little bit of roleplaying. She’s married. Her boyfriend is away. This babe doesn’t know how much time she has to screw Tony, but this babe knows it ain’t much. Tony figures they’ll get things started by him getting a oral-service from this king-size breasted blond with soaked lips, but she says, “Why don’t u play with that vagina,” and lies back and opens her legs. So Tony does as he’s told. Wouldn’t you?

To say that Ginger enjoys mouthing and rogering would be an understatement. That babe drools all over Tony’s rod and sucks it deep. As that babe rides his shlong, we see the tramp stamp at the bottom of her back, and we can watch the rod going in and without her constricted twat. She has a broad booty, and after driving her cookie up and down on the schlong a bunch of times and getting her a-hole slapped, Ginger says, “I wish you to bonk me in the ass.”

So this guy fucks her in the a-hole, and then this chab cums in her mouth, and then this babe sucks his load and her booty juices off of his jock.

“The lads I wanna spend time with make me snicker,” Ginger said. “I relish a petticoat chaser with a sense of humor and a obscene mind.”

Ginger has a impure mind. That babe once hosted a bang party with 10 guys. That babe was the solely female. That babe likes to costume in lewd clothes. Take her on a date to a lap dancing club. Then take her home and shag her mouth, love tunnel and gazoo. That’s the way that babe can’t live without it.

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Lady Dulbin – All about Lady Dulbin

05/20/2015 21:42

All about Female-dominator Dulbin

All about Female Dulbin

It’s time to meet Lady Dulbin, a 54-year-old first-timer from California. That babe has children. That babe is married. And whilst this babe was at the studio…

“Last night, my hubby was with a glamourous woman and they had a great time, and I’m here enjoying Florida and doing something I’ve always wanted to do, which is dabble in porn.”

As you’ll watch at the end of this interview and in the hardcore video–the Lady’s first–she dabbles in porn by sucking and banging Stallion’s greater than standard, darksome penis and getting her slit creampied.

But about that name…

“Some people think it’s Woman Dolphin cuz when I agonorgasmos, I sound love a dolphin. I did have a hotel manager knock on the door and ask if I was in distress. I was playing with a dildo. I said, ‘I’m quite well, thank’s.'”

But it’s not Lady Dolphin. Nor is it Woman Dublin, love the city in Ireland. It is Female Dulbin, “like a doll in a bin. I’m a little Russian baby doll.”

But she’s not Russian. This babe is German and Swedish. And she’s buxom. And this babe is tall and sexy. And she is a swinger and a adept headmistress. What does that mean? Hit the play button and discover out.

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Lady Dulbin – For starters, a BBC and a creampie

05/19/2015 22:48

For starters, a BBC and a creampie

For starters, a BBC and a creampie

Female Dulbin–yes, that’s Dulbin, not Dublin–makes her worldwide engulfing and fucking on-camera first appearance by taking on Stallion’s bigger than standard, darksome jock and having him cum in her slit. Lighthearted and sexy, Female Dulbin is a 54-year-old wife and Mama from California who has been an anthropologist and describes herself as a “dominatrix life trainer.” That might sound like that babe tells studs what they’re plan to do with their lives, no ifs, ands or buts about it, but she’ll explain in the episode interview.

Blond-haired, blue-eyed Female-dominator Dulbin is a nudist and has been a swinger for about 15 years. That babe says her wildest swinging experience took place by an Olympic-sized pool in Las Vegas. “I had sex with all the beauties in a cabana below the stars,” this babe told.

So, yep, she can’t live with out cunt and wang.

This babe is into younger bucks. That babe had sex with a lad who was 20 years younger than her. That buck was a sophomore in college. “He was into younger honey bunnys. Think Energizer Bunny with a accomplished tongue.”

Really, we at no time thought of the Energizer Bunny that way.

In any case, here, Dominatrix Dulbin is dressed to bonk in a undergarment, thongs, garter thong and nylons. And she keeps going and going and going.

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