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Heather Barron – When Heather gets naked, everybody wins

03/31/2015 5:04

When Heather acquires bare, everyone wins

When Heather acquires bare, everybody wins

We’ve seen her tugging and mouthing, we’ve seen her getting ass-fucked, we have even seen her getting DP’d. And now, we acquire 45-year-old divorcee and Mother of four Heather Barron all to ourselves.

“I was already a glamorous greater than average nympho, but I suppose shooting my first threesome poked me to one more level,” that babe said. “I’m masturbating more than I ever have and screwing more than ever, too. And, certainly, there was my DOUBLE PENETRATION scene…that was a whole fresh level!”

Here, red-haired Heather is wearing glasses. She’s sitting on a desk and wearing a tight, button-down shirt that her large juggs are straining and a short, taut skirt. Anything comes off quickly sufficient.

“Good sex is like a jousting duel,” Heather said. “You’re type of competing to watch who can receive the majority enjoyment out of the other, but it is too a shared experience where you take fun in seeing your hubby in ecstasy. I basically masturbate all day. I by no means wear thongs coz I like the tingling I get when the fabric rubs my clit.”

We love the tingling we receive when Heather shows off her larger than standard, corpulent mellons, fuckable a-hole and pink pussy. Have joy.

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Sara Skiphers – Sara’s first time…while her cuckold hubby watches

03/28/2015 11:09

Sara’s first time…while her cuckold spouse watches

Sara's 1st time...while her cuckold boyfriend watches

Sara Skiphers, a 48-year-old wife and Mamma from California, makes her fucking-on-camera-for-all-the-world-to-see debut by engulfing and fucking JMac’s big 10-Pounder right in front of her boyfriend. Partner doesn’t seem too glad about it. Would you adore being made a cuckold by your captivating, monster titted, slutty wife? The look on Walter Skiphers’ face says, “I can not believe she’s doing this to me.” The look on Sara’s face says, “I’m enjoying what JMac is doing to me.” Hey, we wager hubby not at all turned her upside-down and piledrive-fucked her.

Sara was pointed in our direction by Sally D’Angelo, who appears to be to be uncovering plenty of randy HORNY HOUSEWIVES these days. Thank’s, Sally! Sara is a Mama and a grandmother, that babe isn’t a swinger and this babe says her dream is “having anybody observe me getting it.” Dream fulfilled. In this case, someone would be her spouse and all of the members.

We asked Sara if the people who know her would be surprised to watch her here, and that babe said, “Yes, but they’d be contented of me.”

Sara has blue eyes. She is 5’4″ and weighs approximately 124 pounds. That babe has D-cup scoops. That babe wants to tour around the world.

What does her boyfriend wanna do?

Well, actually, judging by these pics and the way Sara’s treating him? Who cares?

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Annellise Croft – Annellise and the cuckold

03/27/2015 7:08

Annellise and the cuckold

Annellise and the cuckold

1st, we see Roger showing up at the office and asking the receptionist if his wife is in. Then we see Annellise Croft moaning during the time that stuffing her face hole with meat-thermometer. It is obviously not her husband’s dick.

“Your husband’s here,” the office assistant asks. “What should I do?”

“Send him in!” Annellise says.

The PA sends him in, and what does he watch? His 50-year-old wife sucking a bigger in size than average, chunky rod and really getting into it.

“Annellise!” Roger says.

“Roger, what are you doing here? Come in and sit right down. How does this make u feel?”

“What are u doing?” Roger says.

“I know how u adore to look at,” Annellise says, “so just sit there and look at me.”

So that chap does as he’s told, and this guy keeps moving his head to acquire a priceless observe of his wife sucking a stranger’s cock. Is this smooth operator into this or is this stud abused?

“Look at this,” Annellise says. “His cock’s so much greater than yours.”

Well, if he was not abased in advance of, he is now.

After Annellise sucks his ramrod, that babe goes up to Roger and says, “I’m going to cum, and there’s no thing you can do about it.”

This guy doesn’t even try. That stud just sits there and watches as his golden-haired, humongous titted, long-nippled wife receives rogered each which way, and then Annellise puts her cum-soaked face in Roger’s face and says, “I did it for us, baby!”

The secret to a long-lasting marriage? Maybe.

“I did it for you,” that babe says.

Somehow, we doubt that. But she might have done it for us.

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Lyla Lali – Lyla will do anything…including anal!

03/27/2015 1:07

Lyla will do everything…including anal!

Lyla will do anything...including anal!

“Nothing is perverted to me,” 44-year-old Lyla said us after big-dicked JMac turned her upside-down and banged her in her debut. “It’s all alluring.”

Yes, with Lyla, it is all fetching, and nothing’s too kinky, even taking one more big shlong in her taut backdoor. Yes, tall, thin, big titted, exotic Lyla is taking a porn weenie up her wazoo, and she is taking it very well.

“When the mood strikes, I will do anything,” she told. “When your recruiter asked if I would have a bit of arse on-camera, I said, ‘Hell, yes!’ I did not expect you to give me a dude with such a large shlong to bonk my wazoo, but it all went very nicely. And that other petticoat chaser…he just pounded the shit out of me with his bigger than typical weenie. I didn’t know some of those poses existed.”

Lyla is 5’9″ and weighs about 114 pounds. This babe lives in South Florida. She’s single. She’s very ready. This babe craves to jump with out an airplane…with a parachute, of course. She goes to the beach wearing a diminutive top that just barely covers her areolas and a knicker down under. This babe says that babe has no erotic dreams because “as in a short time as I come up with an idea, I do it.”

Love doing it here. Love getting ass-fucked on-camera. No fantasies. Just reality.

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Annellise Croft – Annellise makes a cuckold

03/25/2015 8:29

Annellise makes a cuckold

Annellise makes a cuckold

Annellise Croft, a 50-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE from Britain who has become very popular at SCORELAND cuz of her DDD-tits, makes her first appearance by banging a lad right in front of her husband. Yeah, Annellise is making a cuckold with out boyfriend, and if this chab doesn’t love seeing his wife mouthing and rogering a strange weenie, tough shit! Ya wanna keep a piece of booty adore Annellise for your wife, you’re gonna must make some concessions here and there. members, do u love cuckold scenes?

Should the partner be abased in these scenes or should this chab be encouraging his wife to screw strange wang?

How far should we go? Do you want to watch the spouse licking with tongue the stud’s cum off his wife’s body (that doesn’t happen in this scene) or maybe doing a snowball?

“Hi, pleasing heart,” Annellise says to her dude. “Look what I brought home! His name is Juan, and guess what? I am intend to suck his penis and screw him right in front of you, and you’re plan to need to stand there and check out.”

Isn’t Annellise’s husband going to get any? Of course not. That’s what being a cuckold is all about. So this chab sits there whilst Juan slips his dick betwixt Annellise’s jugs and makes her long, rock-hard nipples even longer and harder, and that gent watches Annellise wrap her face hole around Juan’s long, thick penis and wonders, “How come this babe at not time sucked my wang adore that?” Between sucks, Annellise mocks him by saying, “Maybe you’ll learn how a real chap copulates me. Oh, his weenie is so wonderful! How come your weenie is not at all love this!”

Basically, Annellise is telling her stud that that lady-killer is favourable he acquires to copulate her at all. And to tell u the truth, we kind of acquiesce with her.

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Lyla Lali – Yes, a tiny ass can take a big cock!

03/21/2015 9:42

Yes, a tiny butt can take a large pecker!

Yes, a slight a-hole can take a greater than average knob!

This scene proves that even if a woman is thin and diminutive and has a dunky booty, that babe can take a larger than standard rod up her arse. If you’ve ever had a dominatrix say to u, “I’m too tiny for anal-copulation,” u can brandish her this scene and say, “That’s not true. Watch Lyla Lali. That babe has 33-inch thighs and weighs about merely 115 pounds and that babe takes a porno ramrod up her booty. And she’s 5’9″!”

“Wanna play a little bit?” 44-year-old Lyla asks Tony, who’s already been playing with her by the time the words come with out Lyla’s face hole. Playing includes eating her wet crack. It includes Lyla engulfing Tony’s dick and taking it in her pink, gaping snatch (and it’s quite a gaper!). It includes Lyla getting drilled in that little handful of an gazoo of hers. It includes Tony cumming on her face and the splooge dripping onto her big, fake milk cans.

Lyla was born in  New York City and lives in South Florida. Her juggs are DDD-cups. Her eyes are green. That babe plays tennis and enjoys watching basketball, hockey and paramount fighting. She is into yoga, swimming in the ocean and taking walks on the beach. We asked her what that babe urges to do that that babe is by no means done, and she told, “Jump out of a plane. I would’ve said have sex on-camera, but I just did that. Shooting for is the almost all enjoyment I’ve ever had.”

She’s likewise taught yoga, fitness and meditation. That babe did not meditate whilst getting ass-fucked. She didn’t need to. The schlong slid right in, and she enjoyed it.

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Georgina – The art of the first on-camera fuck

03/20/2015 14:17

The art of the 1st on-camera shag

The art of the first on-camera fuck

Georgina, a 58-year-old Mommy and divorcee, makes her movie scene launch by sucking and banging her art scholar. He’s Twenty six years younger than her. That babe could educate him a thing or two about art and sex. But it is the sex we’re most-interested in, right? Right. And Georgina is very admirable at that. Her oral-stimulation skills are exceptional. She goes unfathomable on the rod and gets it very moist. When a 58-year-old gives sloppy blow jobs, you know you have identified a winner.

Georgina enjoys pottering about in the garden. This babe says this babe has to wear a bra cuz “my nipples are so larger than standard.” Heck, we think that’s a precious reason to not wear one. She likes romantic dates such as intend to restaurants and going for long walks. She a swinger. She is been in numerous three-ways and enjoyed them. She can’t live out of cum.

Sounds adore that babe came to the right place. You’ll be seeing more of her.

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Lynn – Newcomer Lynn and the big-dicked bookstore clerk

03/20/2015 0:55

Rookie Lynn and the big-dicked bookstore clerk

Newcomer Lynn and the big-dicked bookstore clerk

“Interesting,” Lynn says as she sits in the bookstore reading the book Anti-aging Man-juice Cream. “Excuse me,” she says to the store clerk. “Does this book sell quite a bit?”

This Lothario says it does. It’s a best-seller. “I’m surprised u detected one,” JMac says.

“Would you think I’d be helped by this book?” this babe says.

“I do not think you need it,” that fellow says.

What Lynn needs is to put someone’s sex cream on her face, and even if it doesn’t take away the wrinkles, we like wrinkles!

So that babe takes JMac into the back room and sucks his knob, then this babe takes his ramrod in her 45-year-old vagina then that babe sucks his nuts during the time that that woman chaser blows his cum on her face. It’s a greater than standard load, and if there is any truth to the anti-aging qualities of spunk, Lynn’s gonna look love an 18-year-old previous to lengthy.

Although, to paraphrase Billy Joel, we like her just the way she’s.

Lynn is recent to She’s married with children. She’s a personal coach. That babe was sent our way by Sally D’Angelo, and this babe told us this babe loves “morning sex, afternoon sex and evening sex.”

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Georgina – Paint that pussy

03/18/2015 15:50

Paint that wet crack

Paint that pussy

Georgina is from the Czechia. That might explain the misunderstanding when we asked her to name the most-fun job she is ever had and she said, “Gang group action. Ten old ladies, one young dude.”

Well, yep, we’re sure there were blow jobs involved, but that’s not what we has in mind.

Then again, she appeared to be to understand us when we asked her what she’d adore to do that that babe is at not time done. That babe told, “I would adore to fly in a helicopter and sail on a sailboat.”

In this, her first screw for, 58-year-old Georgina is wearing glasses. This babe appears to be to be an art teacher of some some kind. This babe gives the lad smth to draw. His drawing looks beautiful bad, but this babe says, “Very valuable.” Merely a lustful lady would think it is very fine. But this dude can improve…if solely this chab had the real thing to draw.

Well, Georgina solves that problem by popping out one of her marangos. Then she sucks his schlong down to the bottom. The headmistress has great skills. That babe acquires as much of the cock as she can into her throat and applies tons of saliva and tongue. Then she acquires screwed. Then the lad paints her cunt with his jism.

Georgina is divorced. She is a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. That babe is not a GILF. This babe is a swinger and a nudist. That babe loves to gulp.

And about that gang group sex…yes, she was one of the mature ladies.

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