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Arjana – Arjana Gets What She Wants.

05/31/2013 12:15

Arjana Receives What This babe Wants.

Arjana Gets What This babe Urges.

“I have taught Italian. I worked for the town council in my town. I have done psychological counseling for prisoners. But I have not at any time done this. I have have always wanted to!”

So says Arjana, a 53-year-old wife and Mother of 3 from the Czech Republic who’s rogering on-camera for the first time. Arjana can’t live without chaps who are gentle and resigned, although in this scene, she’s definitely letting the boy have his way with her. That babe enjoys swimming. That babe enjoys exotic dancing and going to restaurants. And she’s writing a book about sex.

“I know a lot about it!” Arjana said.

We can tell.

Arjana is not a swinger but that babe is a nudist. This babe finds it sexy when “the boy knows how to treat a lady nicely.” That babe doesn’t have any fetishes. She doesn’t masturbate. She has sex 2 or 3 times a week and cums from her boyfriend going down on her.

“I’m very confident,” that babe says. “What I’m doing here seems love something I’d do in my real life.”

That babe means taking control of a situation and going after what she wants: the stud’s penis. Welcome to, Arjana.

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Holly Claus – Ass-fucked and gaping

05/30/2013 17:57

Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

“Do u like these? Are they bigger in size than run of the mill sufficient for u?” big-titted 41-year-old Holly says to her charmer at the commence of this scene. This babe is wearing sexy underware that her DD-cups are pouring out of and, understandably, this chab can not keep his hands off her. Then this smooth operator is digging deep down her thongs for muff, and she’s getting hornier by the second.

“I like it when you brandish me who’s in charge,” she says. “You’re making me so juicy.”

Holly’s juggs come out. Then this babe acquires on all fours to unveil him her surprise: a multi-pierced vagina.

“I decorated it for you,” she says.

What that babe didn’t must decorate is her backdoor, which gets tag-teamed stiff and unfathomable later in the scene in just about each position, culminating in missionary, which is how her a-hole is getting fucked when the guy cums inside. Holly opens her booty wide with her hands and receives her legs back, a real whore position, then fingers her pussy during the time that her dark hole gapes.

Bra-busters? Did anybody say milk shakes? By this time, it is all about Holly’s rectal hole.

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Gia Jones – It’s Way Better Than Watching!

05/30/2013 16:29

It’s Way More fine Than Watching!

It's Way More fine Than Watching!

Adrienne is doing what plenty of amorous angels do: Sitting on the daybed, watching porn on her computer during the time that playing with her little meatballs. She’s pissed and left frustrated when the computer crashes, so that babe calls for an I.T. tech to come and fix it. Seeing the young service dude gives her concupiscent ideas and that babe easily seduces him. After eagerly engulfing his wang till he’s valuable and ready, Adrienne acquires plowed every which way, and the noises she makes tell u that she indeed likes it. The I.T. boy displays his appreciation by giving her chest a big load of cream for her to rub into her skin.

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Arjana – A Very Happy Ending

05/29/2013 14:24

A Very Cheerful Ending

A Very Cheerful Ending

A new scientific study found that female massage therapists over the age of 50 are more likely to give their clients a glad ending than younger rubdown therapists. In 74% of these instances, the pleased ending comes via a oral and in a surprising 44.3%, the cheerful ending comes via a orall-service and screw. The margin of error was plus or minus three-percent.

We’re just making that up. But since you’re more likely to receive great sex from a female over Fifty than a female under 50-and since chicks over 50 are hornier than honeys below 50-it follows that a 50Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE is more likely to reach underneath the towel and seize your weenie than a female underneath 50. Got that.

So here we have Arjana, a 53-year-old newbie (born April 12, 1960) from the Czechia. That babe is not a rubdown therapist, although she’s in those pix, and from the looks of things, she’s very worthwhile at it. This babe has downy hands and a taut fur pie. That babe is married, and we envy the favourable dude and appreciate his generosity in allowing his wife to bonk other dudes for our viewing fun. That babe is not a swinger but this babe is a nudist. And she is the Mamma of 3.

“Most people who know me would not be surprised to watch me doing this,” Arjana said. “They know I adore to do wild things. And I always suit sexy in taut dresses, tight T-shirts and short skirts.”

Arjana has never been a porno star, and this is something she’d wanted to try for a lengthy time. But although this babe was ready to suck and shag a stranger’s pecker on-camera, that babe would not tell us her sexual dreams.

“A lady has to have her secrets,” this babe told.

Even a lady who fucks on-camera? Guess so!

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Holly Claus – Dick Holly’s ass with your cock…and an anal creampie!

05/25/2013 6:08

Knob Holly’s arse with your dong…and an anal semen pie!

Dick Holly's ass with your schlong...and an anal man cream pie!

The very definition of the word SEXY HOUSEWIFE, 41-year-old Holly returns, and this time, her titties are pouring without sexy lingerie. How can a dominatrix possibly be this hawt? We ask that question all the time. Holly has Sergio identify out her multi-pierced snatch with his tongue then invites him to finger her anus. That babe sucks his pecker, then she takes his penis in her muff while this chab fingers her anal opening doggy style, but will that babe take a cock in that chocolate hole?

What do u think?

But the anal issue wasn’t always a slam dunk.

“I’m a wild child, but I haven’t done anal very much at all,” this babe said. “I decided I wanted to give it one more go. I think I’ll like it!”

Did she? “I came harder than ever from that ass-fucking,” this babe said. “It’s my new beloved!”

But while getting ass-fucked on-camera would be enough for almost all 40somethings, Holly wanted to take things a step further.

“I thought, ‘What would make my on-camera anal experience even hotter? How about letting him cum in my gazoo?’ I mean, it’s anal. It is kind of a raunchy thing. Why not make it over-the-top with a impure anal jism pie?”

Hey, why not?

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Bea Cummins – Bea’s 70th birthday anal blast!

05/24/2013 19:44

Bea’s 70th birthday anal blast!

Bea's 70th birthday anal blast!

This particular clip spreads with Bea Cummins getting what that babe merits.

No. We’re not talking about 2 youthful, rigid jocks in her booty. That comes later.

We’re talking about a birthday celebration befitting the hottest, most-beautiful 70-year-old ever, a dominant-bitch who exudes class even when that babe is showing off her meatballs and butt…a woman who has been a part of our family since December THREE, 2008, when this babe 1st stepped foot in our studio.

Bea turned 70, and that babe noted the occasion with us. We got her a cake. We sang “Happy Birthday” to her. We bought her underware. And a anal plug. We read her letters from her admirers.

And, then, we brought in two young, unbending dongs to break her on-camera anal cherry.

By the way, after this babe got home to Tennessee, Bea dropped us a note. It read, “Looking forward to seeing y’all one more time pretty soon or any time for that matter. I have no plans on retiring any time in the near future.”

That’s the best news we’ve heard in 70 years.

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Niki – A Mouthful For Niki

05/23/2013 21:33

A Mouthful For Niki

A Mouthful For Niki

“So, have u ever had a hot Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK before?” Niki says. “Well, there’s one here for you.”

Then have at her! Might as well. She’s already having at you!

“So, do u urge me to take your bigger in size than average 10-Pounder in my face hole?” Niki says. This babe licks the guy’s ear. It’s a scientific fact that a man’s neck is directly connected to his rod. Niki knows this.

Then Niki says, “I have a little surprise for u.” Is it the pearls on her knickers? No. It’s the bawdy cleft under her pearls.

And, so, Niki’s 1st movie scene at receives off to a fast start. She is a 46-year-old divorcee from Texas, and within minutes, 24-year-old Rocky has his fingers up her moist, constricted bawdy cleft. Shortly afterward, Niki has his weenie in her mouth, and then her little body is getting banged. Little body. Large pantoons. DD-cups. And that babe weighs approximately only 101 pounds.

In addition to rogering young men, Niki enjoys trickling, reading and spending time with her puppy (not to be confused with her DD-cup puppies). That babe says she considers herself a MILF “due to a step-child from a previous marriage.” This babe says she fantasizes about being a food adult model “where you lay there and people take sushi off you while you are undressed.”

That kind of food model? Never heard of it.

This kind of glamour model? That is more our speed.

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Sara Siren – What Are Friends For?

05/23/2013 20:41

What Are Friends For?

What Are Allies For?

Sara goes to watch a close friend who she’s known for a ages. She’s super stressed coz her boyfriend has just dumped her, she was fired from her job, and that babe has no money to pay her rent. Her friend offers to loan her some cash, but that is not what this babe is after. She has a very specific request to make: This babe urges to de-stress by fucking him. After all, everyone knows that a worthy, subrigid fuck is the superlatively worthy stress reliever there’s! Her ally is cheerful to oblige, and after Sara has naked for him and sucked his knob, this Lothario rides her hard and gives her a cum baths…and her stress is gone! Can u count how many times Sara says shag?

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Bea Cummins – Bea’s 70th birthday surprise: two cocks for her ass!

05/23/2013 2:52

Bea’s 70th birthday surprise: two weenies for her a-hole!

Bea's 70th birthday surprise: two dongs for her ass!

When Bea Cummins returned to our studio final year, we wrote, “Bea turned 69 on May Twenty, 2012, and this babe turns 70 next spring. What do u think that babe should acquire for her 70th birthday?”

The most-popular answer: Anal!

Mrs. Cummins, one of our most-popular grannies ever, has done a lot since she first visited our studio in 2008. This babe has enjoyed three-ways and creampies, and she drilled a dark-skinned charmer right in front of her real-life hubby. That babe and Jewel teamed up on a lucky smooth operator, and two darksome chaps had their way with her. She’s had cum all over her big, handsome pointer sisters and alluring, smiling face.

But she had by no means had anal-copulation on-camera. Until now.

Gentlemen, Bea Cummins returned to our studio this week to celebrate her 70th birthday. And this babe broke her on-camera anal cherry.

With 2 men!

That’s right, not just one charmer banged Bea’s asshole in her 1st anal scene. Two boyz did! Rocky is Twenty four. Tony is Thirty three. Like we told, Bea turned 70 on Monday.

“I feel adore I’m merely 50 years aged,” said Bea, who during the time that that babe was here quashed any suggestions that she has retirement in sight.

Let the celebration commence!

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