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Alexis Diamonds

09/30/2012 7:07

Alexis Diamonds Alexis Diamonds
Alexis Diamonds @
I did not spend all these years earning my degree in Psychology just to hear people bitch and moan about their issues. Day after day my ottoman is occupied by anybody complaining about smth or one more. I’ve this fresh patient, Derek Skeeter, and he’s come to me cuz he’s a hopeless romantic. Derek claims that angels just urge him for the immense appendage that takes up room in his trousers, and, of course, curiosity got the foremost of me. I figured that since my husband has been neglecting me that I could kill 2 birds with one stone: teach my partner a lesson whilst fulfilling my adore for bigger than run of the mill dark wang. I laid out some heavy duty flirting on Derek and it was pretty soon one as well as the other of us on my couch. I had to see what the girl’s were talking about, and I reached in and seized his monstrous black dick. I knew I could lose my job the very second my lips tasted Derek’s meaty flesh against my crimson lips. i sucked down on as much of that dark-skinned penis as my gullet could handle until my succulent love tunnel needed its joy. i had to work him in lazily, since, well, my husband’s white 10-Pounder is a fraction of hat Derek’s packing. I lastly got as much of that young dark-skinned 10-Pounder firmly inside my sexy cougar cookie. Derek kept slamming his darksome meat in betwixt my aching muff lips until I had to feel it betwixt my sweet cheeks. I didn’t get to supplicate for Derek to slip his dark anaconda inside my puckering chocolate hole until his balls massaged my moist love button. I kept squeezing his biggest black dick with my constricted arse and this ladies man held no thing back as this chab sprayed my face with this homemade nutmeg.
Alexis Diamonds Alexis Diamonds
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She’s a wife. She’s a mom. She loves BBC in her ass!

09/29/2012 14:21

She’s a wife. This babe is a Mom. She likes BBC in her a-hole!

She's a wife. She's a Mom. This babe can't live out of BBC in her arse!

Janee Diamond, a 46-year-old wife from Atlanta, Georgia, celebrates her return to by sucking and fucking a bigger in size than typical, dark dick and taking it in her constricted, little asshole. Last time she was here, Janee told us, “I adore having bigger than average, dark-skinned schlongs in my ass.” Well, it would have been a real shame to not give Janee what she wanted. “Black schlongs have been my choice since I was in my early 20’s,” Janee said. “I do not know why. I just like them.” Janee, who was born in Canada, is a stay-at-home Mother back in Atlanta. “Before this, probably the wildest thing I have ever done was have sex in a night exotic dancing club parking lot in Niagara Falls, New York,” she told. “But having sex on-camera is smth I’ve fantasized a lot about. My spouse and I enjoyed watching my first scene on I jacked him off during the time that we observed and then I drank his load.” This time, Janee plans to receive ass-fucked during the time that watching herself get ass-fucked. “This is what I was indeed looking forward to,” this babe told. Pleased we could make her fantasies–and ours, and yours–come true.

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The super-busty MILF gets ass-fucked

09/28/2012 5:18

The super-busty SEXY HOUSEWIFE receives ass-fucked

The super-busty Mamma I'D LIKE TO FUCK acquires ass-fucked

At the 17-minute mark of this video, Tahnee says, “I crave you to take that shlong and stick it in my booty and copulate me love the whore that I am.” Now, Tahnee doesn’t truly think she is a bitch. It is just that hotty’s sometimes say things when they’re in the heat of excitement. And Tahnee isn’t a wench. A big breasted mature bimbo? Yep. Totally. No doubt about it. This babe has DD-cup bumpers. That makes her big busted. She’s Fourty seven years old. That makes her mature. She likes having strange schlongs in her face hole, slit and arsehole, and when she is sexually excited, that babe goes for it. That makes her a slut. “I’m a shy hotty, but I like getting screwed in my gazoo,” Tahnee told us. To her charmer, this babe says, “I’m a naughty little cutie. A nasty greater than typical little goddess.” It is Tahnee’s milk sacks that are bigger in size than average. The stud’s load is large, likewise. This dude shoots it into Tahnee’s open face hole, and this babe sucks the cum off his cock-head. Very good. We asked Tahnee for the funniest pickup line she’s ever heard, and this babe said, “A charmer once told to me, ‘Hi. I’m an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.” Likewise late, buddy. The exploring has already been done.

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Raquel’s anal threesome

09/28/2012 3:19

Raquel’s anal trio

Raquel's anal threesome

“You just get him here and I’ll take care of the rest,” 50-year-old Raquel says to her man, who’s already pretty worked up, as is that babe.

“Him” is Lucas Stone. “The rest” is a trio.

“I have something I urge to show u,” Raquel tells Lucas, who’s shocked as Raquel brandishes off her wazoo and rubs her slit into his crotch. But this is not about a lapdance. This is about Raquel engulfing the one and the other guys’ jocks and having ’em screw her mouth, pussy and backdoor. Yeah, her dark-skinned hole. Cuz as Raquel has shown us numerous times, sex isn’t sex unless this babe gets ass-fucked.

These days, a lot of 50plus MILFS have been getting ass-fucked at They’re all great. But they have nothing on Raquel.

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Two cocks for the 50Plus MILFs Queen of Anal

09/26/2012 5:08

2 knobs for the 50Plus MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK Queen of Anal

Two knobs for the 50Plus SEXY HOUSEWIVES Queen of Anal

“I’m so pleased to be back. I had such a good time final time,” said Raquel Sieb, a 50-year-old divorcee from Illinois. Last time, Raquel got banged in her asshole by one lady-killer. This time…Raquel takes 2!

Raquel one time said us, “Those young California cuties think they have smth on me ‘coz they’re younger. Priceless. Let them think whatever they crave. I know how to make a lady-killer cum.”

Raquel is not all talk, no act.

“What pleasure would that be?” that babe told. So when we asked her if it would be okay for 2 guys to take turns on her booty, this babe answered, “Okay? I’d like it!”

And she obviously does, loving how it feels to suck one schlong while another screws her taut butthole, loving how the boys take turns on her wazoo and move their knobs from her bawdy cleft to her ass and back afresh. Loving 2 loads of cum on her gorgeous face.

There are two parts of Raquel’s body we’d adore to call your attention to. First, her fur pie. It is pink. Ultra-pink. And it is a beefy wet crack with thick lips…a bonk doll’s bawdy cleft…the kind of fur pie that might be designed by a maker of copulate dolls who’s envisioning the perfect snatch. It is the kind of pussy that wraps itself around a man’s pecker and squeezes it tight.

Next, we’d adore to call your attention to Raquel’s backdoor, which might be the supreme we have ever seen. It is a true starfish, which is remarkable considering how often it has been filled with meat-thermometer. We asked Raquel what she can’t live without majority about anal-copulation and she said, “The pressure. I love the way it feels. I like having a schlong in my ass. Even when I masturbate, I’ll stick a finger or 2 in my butt.”

No need for that here. She’s got two jocks to do the job!

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Hottie Playing Hookie

09/26/2012 0:56

Vixen Playing Hookie

Hottie Playing Hookie

“Truancy officers are a joke. They’re playthings more than figures of authority. This lady-killer was just like all the rest. He picked me up and attempted to take me back to school, but the second I hinted at fucking, this chab was singing a different tune. How do they even keep their jobs when they let girls like me receive away with skipping just cuz we fuck them? I guess they get to bring enough ugly gals back to school to meet their quota. In any case, this lad was smth else. Usually the truancy officer will wait ’til we get back to a house to initiate fooling around, but this chab let me give him a head right there in the car. It was worthwhile and big and juicy. I could tell it was gonna feel worthy in my cookie. When we got back to his place I sucked him some more so he’d be nice and stiff to shag me. He gave it to me real nice. While I was lying there on the ottoman with my legs open, getting my pussy pounded, I thought to myself, ‘It’s times like this that remind me why I skip in the 1st place.'”

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Horny divorcee’s ultimate goal: keeping you hard.

09/25/2012 11:37

Excited divorcee’s utmost goal: keeping you hard.

Horny divorcee's supreme goal: keeping you rock hard.

A few things you should know about Heather Barron: 1. This babe didn’t glamour model for 40 something for the money. 2. She’s lascivious. THREE. This babe modeled for 40 something for the shlong. “I’m divorced and amorous,” Heather told. “I love to screw.” Heather used to be an investment banker. Now that babe is a realtor and entertainer in Las Vegas. Why the career change? “Like I said, I like to copulate. If I had a nine-to-five job, I couldn’t copulate as often.” We’re not sure that’s so, but we’re not intend to argue with her. “I get concupiscent 1st thing each morning. I masturbate anywhere I can.” Heather told this babe detected out about us when that babe identified “I was just trying to receive off, and u had these free movie scenes on there, so I went on and was enjoying those and thought, ‘Why can’t I acquire some of that? Why can’t I receive some knob, too?'” No reason we can think of, so when Heather visited our studio for the first time, we hooked her up with 2 bucks. That babe sucked their dicks. She rode their knobs. That babe wore them out. “I could have sex for eight hours straight.” Heather is the Mama of four teenagers. “Of course, they don’t know how amorous and wild their Mom is,” this babe told. How concupiscent and wild? “I adore how my exposed love tunnel feels on jeans. I love being spanked and having my butt fondelled and cosseted. I was a virgin when I got married, and then at 29 when I got divorced, I went wild. I had at no time had a boy go down on me until I was 29. In the year or two after my divorce, I was with lots of men and learned a lot about sex and what I like. Passive is not in my vocabulary. Passionate, yes. Beefy, yeah. I’m fiery. I take charge of a gent and go for the pleasure. This charmer just has to fib there and moan a lot. I’ve been with boyz who cum in seconds. I make ’em final for hours. I have been said by bucks that I have super powers, but my goal is to keep u hard for as lengthy as I need you to be so I can acquire off on your wang. That is what it’s all about. I am nice in couch ‘cuz sex is a larger than average priority for me. If you are hungry, instruct take out. Hire a chef. If you’re excited, I’m your cutie.”

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Tahnee loves it in her ass!

09/22/2012 17:02

Tahnee likes it in her arse!

Tahnee likes it in her gazoo!

“Having a penis in my arse makes my pussy indeed luscious,” says Tahnee Taylor, a giant breasted 47-year-old divorcee. “I don’t know why. Once the guy’s penis is inside my wazoo, it just makes we damp.”

U get to like a mastix who loves getting rogered in her a-hole, especially when it is a large, broad butt that goes so nicely with her double-D whoppers (possibly the humongous naturals ever viewed at

“Just coz I’m bashful doesn’t mean I don’t like sex,” Tahnee said. “What can I say? I’m a timid beauty but I love getting rogered in my ass. My pussy’s luscious right now. All this talk about anal-copulation is getting me so horny!”

So have at it, Tahnee! Suck and shag that ramrod. Let it have its way with your snatch. Open up your rectal hole for the dude’s stiffy. Then take a sloppy load of cum all over your marvelous face.

We asked Tahnee, “Given the partiality betwixt having a meat-thermometer in your fur pie or a shlong in your a-hole, which would u choose?” And she told, “A rod in my booty ‘cuz that makes my vagina and my arse feel valuable. A penis in my slit doesn’t do anything for my butt unless the boy sticks his finger in my ass.”

A SEXY HOUSEWIFE who loves anal job…there’s no thing more astonishing.

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Lillian’s anal surprise

09/21/2012 10:16

Lillian’s anal surprise

Lillian's anal surprise

“This is the me that you’d see only if I happened to pick u up at a lap dancing club one night,” said 51-year-old Lillian Tesh, who was born in Detroit and now makes her home in Michigan. “The way I am clothed is the way you might watch me clothed during the day, but you’d not ever suspect that I’d do smth like this.”

By “this,” Lillian means engulfing and rogering on-camera and surprising her partner with the arse plug she has in her beautiful little a-hole. By “this,” Lillian means getting ass-fucked and taking a sexy, sticky cum of cum all over her face.”I think I’ve an aura about me,” Lillian told. “I’ve been not showered and in my workout hawt garments or sweats and people have told to me that I’m actually sexy, and I guess part of it’s my eyes and my smile and the way that I present myself.”

In this scene, Lillian presents herself as a very conservative lady. The eyeglasses. The pink sweater that’s wrapped daintily around her neck.”I don’t normally do this,” she says as this babe rubs Tony’s crotch. Well, truly, she does. And, as you’re about to watch, that babe does it very well.

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