A new 60plus MILF named Leah

08/27/2016 1:37

A new 60plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE named Leah

A recent 60plus Mother I'D LIKE TO FUCK named Leah

It’s time to welcome a brand-new 60plus Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK. Her name is Leah L’Amour, she is 64 years aged and she is captivating and hot as hell. She was born in Arkansas and lives in Arizona, one of the top swinging spots in the world, and she’s a swinger.

“I became one four years agone,” Leah said.

Leah is married. That babe is a Mama and grandmother. She used to be a decorator. That babe likewise delivered police cars. Yep, that is right. Her husband made them, and she delivered ’em.

“I looked cute in police cars,” Leah said.

We’re sure this babe did. We’re sure many boys thought about sending back the car and keeping Leah.

In her 1st scene, Leah sucks jock and balls, receives drilled and enjoys a load of cum all over her charming face.

Leah was sent our way by Madison Milstar, who’s not just a great glamour model; she is also been a great recruiter of models. Hey, when a headmistress has a great time in our studio, she wishes her friends to relish the experience, too.

“My family and vanilla allies would be shocked to see me here,” Leah said. “My swinger friends are going to love it.”

So will u.

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Anal on demand

08/26/2016 16:25

Anal on demand

Anal on demand

Dallas Matthews, who is 56 years aged, loves bigger in size than standard dicks in her gazoo. How do we know? Well, in this clip, while Tony is fucking her a-hole, that babe says, “I like bigger than average dicks in my gazoo.”

Dallas is in charge in this scene. She tells Tony, “I’m intend to tell u how I desire u to fuck me. Take off your shirt.” What’s great about this scene is that Dallas tells Tony she urges him to screw her butt. A 20-year-old would by no means say, “Fuck my arse.” But a 50Plus MILF will.

Dallas is from Washington (we know, it is a little confusing). One day, she and her boyfriend were playing with 60Plus M.I.L.F. Madison Milstar and her spouse when Madison told, “Have you ever thought about doing porn?” And here’s Dallas in her second video. She’s a nice one. Tall, blonde and fashionable.

Dallas has an unusual hobby: She owns quarterhorses, and this babe rides them in her free time. She used to ride competitively. She also enjoys skiing, gardening and water sports.

What kind of water sports, Dallas?

We’re gonna have to ask her that next time we see her.

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Jessica’s private side

08/26/2016 16:19

Jessica’s intimate side

Jessica's intimate side

Many of our models light-heartedly refer to themselves as sluts, but not 40-year-old Jessica Torres. By her own admission, she’s not easy. She’s at no time fucked on the 1st date. And until she came to our studio, the quickest this babe ever had sex with anybody was after a month.

But yet, she came to our studio to reveal off her body and screw a total stranger after knowing him for less than an sixty minutes. ‘coz the thing about Jessica is that she’s exceedingly lewd. So excited that guys have told her that babe has a sex addiction. Being divorced and single, that babe needs an outlet, so that babe came to us.

Jessica has a private stash of home sex vids that she loves to observe. Now she has experienced vids for her and us to have pleasure.

40SOMETHING: Other than porn, what’s the fastest you’ve had sex with a chap after meeting him?
JESSICA: Probably one month. I am not that effortless. As we get into that longer relationship and build a stronger relationship it could be a different scenario. But I desire him to need to know me 1st.

40SOMETHING: If a boy tries also hard to receive into your knickers…
JESSICA: This chab is gone. Especially if that skirt chaser begins talking about how large his dick is. I’ve heard that on the 1st date.

40SOMETHING: And u told to him?
JESSICA: Bye. I am just not into that. I am a fine angel.

40SOMETHING: So, what’s the fastest you’ve wanted to have sex with a boy but held back?
JESSICA: Probably the first date. You have those wants, but at the same time u urge to put yourself up on a pedestal so this chab doesn’t think you are facile.

40SOMETHING: Have you ever come close to not holding back?
JESSICA: Many times, but still, no.

40SOMETHING: You’re an unlikely porn star, aren’t u?
JESSICA: Yeah. I not at any time thought I would ever do anything adore this. By no means.

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Bad Sister!

08/26/2016 16:02

Bad Sister!

Bad Sister!

Sisters Jessica and Sunny share an apartment. Jessica is anxiously waiting the arrival of her fresh hubby when this babe gets an emergency call to go in to work. That babe leaves, telling Sunny that she’ll be at least an hour, and asking her to entertain her partner till that babe returns. Well, Sunny takes that a little also literally. When the gent arrives, Sunny invites him in to wait. They commence flirting immediately as that Lothario first checks out Sunny’s paintings then starts checking out Sunny. This babe tells him this babe is the wild sister, then proceeds to prove it by sucking his rod and fucking him hard and lengthy. What her sister doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

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Ms. Verhooks’ anal three-way

08/25/2016 16:12

Ms. Verhooks’ anal three-way

Ms. Verhooks' anal three-way

In this scene, 51-year-old M.I.L.F. Amanda Verhooks is the teacher and JMac is her scholar.

Yep, just go with it, members. We know JMac hasn’t been in school for a lengthy time, but just go with the dream. It’s worth it.

JMac is the star athlete who’s getting some additional work in. Ms. Verhooks’ bra buddies are practically bursting her buttons.

“So, you have heard the rumors about me?” Amanda asks him as that babe gropes his arm. “I have certain needs and a titanic appetite, especially for student bodies. Amanda’s a wicked teacher, and you’re next on her list. “Are you going to take care of my constricted cum-hole?”

Next thing we know, she is choking on his cock, trying to acquire as much down her throat as that babe can. Then the principal walks in on ’em.

“Ms. V, some other time?” he says.

“You knew when u hired me that I like this,” Amanda says.

“This is adore the 5th time I caught u.”

She doesn’t wanna get fired. She rubs his rod. Then that babe takes his wang out and sucks it. In advance of long, Amanda is sucking one pecker then the other. Then the studs are taking turns on her tight cunt. Then they’re cramming her taut little anus with their humongous dicks.

Where were those teachers when we were in school?

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Cum for Karma

08/25/2016 1:44

Cum for Karma

Cum for Karma

SPOILER ALERT! Karma Karson, a 46-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas, is not a cum dodger. That becomes obvious when Jovan Jordan discharges a mountainous load–this Lothario empties his testicles and then some, as if he’d been saving up for weeks–all over Karma’s face. It gets in her hair. It gets in her eyes. It trickle from her nose and chin. But Karma doesn’t duck. She spreads her face hole for more cum. By the time this scene fades to darksome, Karma is glazed.

Pleased you liked her, Jovan. And you are welcome.

In this scene, Karma is a realtor. She’s showing Jovan an apartment in Miami Beach. He loves the observe, but the check out is better down the front of her jacket, as this chab pays attention very quickly.

Karma takes him upstairs to watch the bedroom.

“See everything you like?” that babe asks as this babe sits on the daybed and begins to unbutton her jacket.

This might not be a great way to sell houses, but it is a great way to receive laid.

Karma has two grown children. She is a webcam glamour model. We asked her about her kinkiest raunchy encounter, and this babe said, “This journey to Miami.”

Yeah. Banging on-camera for all the world to see is not something a person does every day.

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Leah’s first video fuck is with a young stud

08/25/2016 1:33

Leah’s first movie scene fuck is with a young petticoat chaser

Leah's 1st movie shag is with a youthful stud

“I’ve not at any time done everything love this in advance of,” told 64-year-old wife, Mamma and grandmother Leah L’Amour from Arizona.

By this, she means screwing on-camera. From the looks of things, it is smth she can get used to.

“This is good stuff here,” Leah says when Tony comes over and begins playing with her mammaries. That babe responds by stroking his 10-Pounder through his trousers. “Not bad. I like the young ones.”

Leah is currently swinging with a lad who’s Thirty nine years mature. That’s the youngest gent she’d been with before Tony, who’s Thirty six. Leah can handle him.

Leah is blond and hot and has bigger in size than standard love muffins and a great body. And how did we identify her?

“Actually, I have a friend who was on the cover of one of your magazines, Madison Milstar, and we met her and her boyfriend on vacation, and she started telling me about it and suggested you boyz might love me,” Leah said. “Her partner appeared to be to think I’d be flawless, and she did, likewise.”

Madison and her boyfriend have precious taste in sweethearts.

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Tony does Dallas, Dallas does anal

08/24/2016 15:50

Tony does Dallas, Dallas does anal

Tony does Dallas, Dallas does anal

As that babe prepared to do her first anal scene for 50PlusMILFs.com, 56-year-old Dallas Matthews told, “I’m looking forward to it. My hubby has a greater than standard rod, so when we’re having a bit of butt, it can take a whilst to receive started, but we have enjoyment with it.”

Here, Dallas gets things started by having Tony eat her twat in a multiformity of poses. That receives her a-hole and wet crack nicely lubed. That babe acquires Tony ready by mouthing his greater than average wang. Then Tony shags her fur pie. Then this chab fucks her ass. And this chab tops things off by cumming all over Dallas’ nice-looking face.

Dallas was found by 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE Madison Milstar, and now this babe and Madison have another thing in common: They both got ass-fucked on-camera.

Dallas is from Washington. She’d at not time modeled in advance of this babe came to our studio, although that babe of course could have with her fashionable face and smoking body.

“When I was in my 20’s, I was approached by a division of Elaine Ford, the glamour modeling agency, but they were just super-snotty and stuck up,” Dallas said. “Every angel wants to do glamour modeling, but I suppose there is more to the word than indeed doing it. I’m a down-to-earth person. I’m a farm beauty. I drive tractors, ride horses. I am a nature beauty, very respectful, and modeling did not appear to be the kind of place where I fit in.”

She fits in here, and Tony’s wang fit in her booty very well.

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What Is A PAWG?

08/23/2016 16:17

What Is A PAWG?

What Is A PAWG?

SCORELAND Lads could look up what the acronym PAWG means by going into the look for engine of your partiality. Some of u already know what PAWG means, some of you do not.

Or you can look at this Bonus video and let Holly Wood describe it to you in her own words and with her traffic-stopping rack. Go with “Option Holly” is our advice. Holly wears the same pink teddy that babe wears in her movie scene and photo-shoot, a strap that shows her buttocks to perfection.

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